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I did it! I got a picture of the unicorn.

J/K it's a fuckin Pegasus:

Seriously, I do think this is animal cruelty, but that said, here is part of the Odessa Pegasus Fleet:

Anyway, we went swimming in the Black Sea today. Going to the beach here means one of two things: You pay someone money to go to a contained pool, wherein there are captive, no doubt abused dolphins, and sit under a giant umbrella, or you can just do what normal people do and climb down (or jump, if you're brave) off a cement pier into the sea itself. Obviously we opted for the latter and it was great and I got seaweed in weird places.

These are the two too-cute-for-words restaurants we ended up at today, in case you are worried that I am starving to death.

Mainly, though, we wandered around and were bougie tourists and went shopping. Enamoured as I am of the local fashions, I bought things that hopefully look cute on me (it's hard to tell outside of my usual range of A-line dresses, but I'm assured they're cute) and were, at any rate, inexpensive. Almost bought something hella expensive by a local designer, except that it was a dress that could only be worn with high heels, and realistically, that's never going to be a thing for me, and 5'2 women cannot wear floor-length dresses without heels. There's a limit to how impractical I get, even though I looked like an occult priestess in it.

Tomorrow's plan is the opera house (which I can't believe I haven't taken a good photo of yet, but it would be sacrilegious to take a bad one of it) and hopefully more swimming if the ridonkulous heat keeps up.
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