I'm home!

Jul. 30th, 2017 09:22 pm
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My Eastern European adventures have drawn to a close, and I am now safely back home in Toronto, jetlagged and of very little brain.

The excellent travel luck that made almost everything about this trip easy and magical ran out on the way back. When we got to the airport, albeit early, no gate information. Waited around. Gate information announced, mad rush ensues. Staff appear to not know what's going on. Flight delayed. I practically have a panic attack before realizing that the time change between Kiev and Warsaw is such that I'll still catch my flight. But just in case, I wanted to let people know I might be stranded in Poland overnight, but the airport wifi was out too.

It turned out to be fine because the flight to Toronto was also delayed. When I finally got on, it was the Flight From Hell. I had Demonchild McElbows on one side, wriggling and giggling and poking me every time I started to drift off. I leaned over into the aisle, but the many other children on the flight were using it to run up and down screaming and kicking my foot, and one woman who kept getting up and walking over to show her husband, in the seat in front of me, her swollen ankle. So no sleep was to be had. For awhile I amused myself by hatewatching Batman vs. Superman, but there's a limit to how many terrible movies even I can watch.

(It was so bad, though. SO BAD.)

We actually landed on time after all that, just in time for the child behind me to vomit. Most of it hit the bag, at least. But the plane couldn't park because there was a strike (which I knew about but it was a different airline), so between that and the resulting chaos, it took about another two hours before I could actually head home.

It is a mark of my character development that I was too tired to do laundry. Normally that wouldn't stop me.

I'm at the fatigue/discombobulation level where everything feels like work, even lying on the couch and watching TV. I have a bad case of the don't wannas. I should at some point post, locked, about some other things that happened but are less suitable for public posts, as I was an in interesting part of the world at interesting times. But now I'm back with my own bed and my own cats and I think I shall take advantage of that.
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