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 Almost right on schedule, my first back-to-school anxiety nightmare of August. It was not as bad as most, probably because I've been in school-anxiety-mode for a year now and my brain hasn't had a stretch of not being stressed out and anxious. Anyway, it was almost interesting so I'll share it.

First day of class. My classes, as per usual nightmares, were huge, and the kids kept drifting in and out and coming in late and wouldn't stay still or give me their names. One girl had recently lost her brother in a shooting, another had lost her mother three weeks earlier. Her mother's grave was located right beside the classroom, and she had brought several large bouquets of purple lilies that clashed with the red and white flowers on the grave. She kept getting up to shift the flowers around, or curling up in a fetal position to cry.

The principal had decided that class would begin with a personal address from her, and so I was supposed to wait until she arrived to start. But she was late, and the kids were already complaining that they were bored, so I did an icebreaker activity. It was called Millennials Are Killing X and you had to go around a circle and say a thing Millennials are killing and why. For example, "Millennials are killing the housing market because they spend on their money on smashed avocado toast and lattes. I thought it was hilarious but the kids didn't get it, and then I remembered that the Millennials had been years ago and the kids didn't know what they were.
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 I've been experimenting with going to sleep without taking sleeping pills and my brain is coming up with some seriously strange shit.

I was a newly fledged werewhale, and in love with another werewhale who spent almost all of his time as a whale rather than as a human. Unfortunately, in my human life, I was being stalked by a serial killer who was also obsessed with me. I guess I must have bitten him, or otherwise transformed him into a werewhale, and he was much more pleasant in whale form, but still very sexually aggressive and scary by whale standards. But while he was a whale, I was reasonably safe from him.

Along with two female whales who were our pod members (and I think full-time whales rather than werewhales), we formed a whalesong band. We spent a ridiculous amount of money to buy a practice pool where we could rehearse. We planned a first show for Toronto Island where just my lover and I would perform, serenading the guests from the waters, as a trial run. But my stalker was jealous, and as I swam out for the island, I was afraid he was somewhere in the water, waiting to surprise me.

But I was alone out in the water. The current was strong, and my skin itched. I remembered hearing on the news that because of climate change and a depleting ozone layer, whales were getting blistering sunburns. It was a foggy evening, though, so I didn't think that this could be why I was having problems swimming. I could see the cathedral, draped in mist, where we were supposed to perform, but the harder I swam for it, the further I drifted from it.


Nov. 24th, 2016 09:14 pm
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When I was a kid, I used to have a recurring dream about packing a suitcase. That was all there was to the dream—I had to leave my home very quickly, and pack enough to be away for a long time, probably forever—but they always felt ominous. I was leaving in a hurry because I was being forced out of my home, and if I didn't leave, I'd die.

These dreams stopped as I got older, replaced with more traditional anxiety dreams.

Lately, I've been having them again. I blame America.


Jan. 17th, 2016 11:28 am
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I don't blog my dreams as much anymore but trust me on this one.

Anne of Green Gables, weresloths, murder )
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I was assigned to teach Grade 12 Applied English. I had 50 students in my class. The assigned novel study for the year was Atlas Shrugged.

I was dismayed at first, then realized that I could make the curriculum subversive by deconstructing the text. But then I remembered that the book was a million pages long, and you had to pretty much read novels aloud to get Applied kids to read them, and the kids would never sit still long enough to participate in a critical analysis.


May. 28th, 2013 09:50 pm
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Dream I just remembered from last night:

I was some sort of well-known person—famous enough that I had my own PR person writing press releases for me. The media contacted me to get my opinion on the Rob Ford crack video.

The PR person wrote a press release. I read it over. I made a few small edits before I realized that it was typeset in Comic Sans. I told her that she had to change it or no one would ever believe it came from me.
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It's been awhile since my dreams have been properly apocalyptic, but this one made up for lost time.

cut for the uninterested )
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It's great to wake up from a horrible anxiety nightmare (back to school, forgot the students' faces, class full of monsters who won't stop screaming, and then the principal walks in and says, "I can see you're having some trouble") to get a few e-mails from students writing to show me their work and tell me they miss me.

Kids: Much cooler in real life than my unconscious makes them out to be.


Dec. 8th, 2011 06:55 am
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I must be reading too many Left Behind reviews.

Miss Tabby goes to Heaven )


Oct. 9th, 2010 08:31 am
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I had a dream last night about a golem made of cornflakes. I don't remember much else except that his girlfriend eventually came to terms with it because it was better than him being completely dead. Except he was then ground into cornmeal so she tried to at least make a pancake out of him.

A sentient pancake. That fell apart when she put also sentient orange jam on him, because her baking skills left something to be desired.


Sep. 12th, 2010 08:48 am
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This wouldn't be considered a good dream for normal people, but by my standards, it was pretty tame.

Zombies! And trigger warning, I guess. )


Oct. 1st, 2009 06:43 am
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Apocalypse dreams, yay!

cut for dream + rape triggers )

Ugh. Just ugh.


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