Nov. 14th, 2013

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I don't even know where to start with today's Honourable Wife-Beater developments. Here's a picture:

 photo 1467448_10151711154790178_1477264767_n_zps2e79e45d.jpg

That's Toronto city council today. They passed a resolution asking Ford to take a leave of absence, he told them where he could stick said leave of absence, and so EVERY TIME HE SPOKE THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS. And the Toronto Argos were not happy that he wore an Argos jersey.

The latest juicy bits of the police investigation involve Ford partying it up with a prostitute, offering cunnilingus to a staffer, and predictably that's what's finally made him unelectable, not the fact that he probably had a dude murdered and almost certainly had a dude brutally beaten. Keep in mind that Giambrone (also a douche) was knocked out of the mayoral race because he cheated on his partner.

And then there's this very NSFW statement to the press (warning: autoplay) where he says that he never offered to eat said staffer's pussy and has more than enough to eat at home.

In a mindboggling act of chutzpah, he offered to pay for drug testing for all city councillors by Dec. 1.

Premiere Wynne is finally talking about stepping in to get rid of this fucker, since no one else will.

I personally feel the worst for the prostitute; her face and name have been splashed all over the place. And she may have had to fuck Rob Ford. And he probably doesn't tip well.

It's a 24-hour circus. The only problem is that long hours of work and commuter hell—which I blame on Ford cancelling Transit City—lies between me and getting home to watch all the videos. I can't keep up.

Three years ago, when this douche got elected, I could never have predicted Toronto would be on the international stage like this. I'm practically speechless. So if you want a good speech, check out this one given by my friend Mel at Toronto City Hall yesterday.


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