Jan. 6th, 2017

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Everyone's doing these intro posts, but I suspect things like age, relationship status, and number of pets are not particularly relevant until you get to know someone better. (But if you're curious: 37, in a poly relationship, two cats, Cocoa and Sabot.) One of the things that's always drawn me to LJ is how you get to know someone through their thoughts and opinions rather than their meatsacks.

Hence asking y'all what you wanted to know about me! Here goes.

How different would your life have been without the Internet?

Being a Woman Of a Certain Age, I can remember life before the internet was a thing. It's hard to separate what isolation was as a result of geography and age—I suspect that even now, few nerdy, ugly pre-teen girls growing up in the suburbs are particularly happy—and what because I failed to find likeminded people. i suspect my friends circle, my general knowledge, my concept of the world would be less broad but potentially more in-depth. I spent much more time working things out, socially, politically, academically, because you <I>had</I> to work on it rather than flit from one thing to another. But my life was less full. I don't know if this answers your question.

Why "a sudden absence of bees"?

It was a reference to Colony Collapse Disorder, which a few years ago we were convinced was going to end human life as we know it. The good news is that we'll probably all die from a flaming nuclear fireball now that Trump's in office.

[livejournal.com profile] nihilistic_kid liked the turn of phrase so much he wrote a short story about it.

What flavor of toothpaste?

Arm and Hammer Complete Care. It's kind of minty.

What you wish the last three books you read were and what were they actually?

Oh, I suffer from an incomplete literary education because they were trying to modernize the reading list when I was in high school, and I did not go to uni for anything academic. But it's a bit awkward and embarrassing to not have read Marx's Grundrisse, or Mann's The Magic Mountain, or—and this is really bad—Moby Dick. Even my knowledge of Victorian literature is shameful for someone involved in the steampunk scene.

In fact, the last three books I read were Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny, Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen, and Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer. I'm trying my best to read new releases so that I can talk to other people about books. All excellent in different ways, incidentally.

Television commercial that makes you the angriest?

The joy of Netflix and illegal torrenting means that I no longer have to be subject to TV commercials! I don't like it when the mother is portrayed as super-competent in a condescending way—like she could have a degree in astrophysics, but she applies her superior intelligence to cleaning up stubborn stains instead, while the dad is laughably bumbling. Do they still make those? If so, who do they appeal to?

Just what is it that makes luxury space communism so different, so appealing?

There is a fantastic line in the miniseries Cambridge Spies, which you should all see if you haven't already, where privileged, white, upper class Anthony Blunt (my second favourite of the Cambridge Five, btw) is asked why he's a communist. He says that he doesn't want to tear down the structures of privilege; he wants to extend that privilege to everyone. I think this is actually something Blunt said IRL, though I wouldn't swear by it. Anyway, that's what I want—to have beautiful things and a meaningful, comfortable life, for everyone. That, IMO, should be the goal of politics.

Today, we have more than enough food to feed everyone in the world, we have technology that our ancestors would have attributed to magic, we have more knowledge at our fingertips than anyone in the history of humanity. And yet the left aestheticizes poverty and misery and a historic concept of the working class that bears no resemblance to the modern working class, and wastes time quibbling over which 19th or 20th century political theorist had the right idea about the 21st. Fuck it. A robot replacing your job should mean infinite vacation and time to create art, not desperate poverty. We should fill in coal mines and build community gardens over them.

I remember spending time with a bunch of anarcho-primitivists who criticized my bourgeois need for eyeglasses. They all came from wealthy backgrounds but had chosen a life of scavenging and poverty for ideological reasons, and considered me privileged and soft. Why? I work hard, I should have nice things—but so should everyone.

Space communism is a metaphor, particularly for those of us who love sci-fi—to be honest, I have no idea if mass physical space travel, terraforming, and colonizing other planets is ever a thing that we could do. But it's a view of progress as expansion and imagination rather than the austerity mindset that has hijacked the left as solidly as it has hijacked the right.

Tell me anything you want about hair coloring.

I do not enjoy having boring hair. Bright, unnatural colours are still unusual amongst people in my profession, so it's kind of a trademark. I've been regularly dyeing my hair since i was about 14, with increasing levels of fanciness. Currently, I have teal and violet streaks in my hair, which looks fantastic. 

Having weird hair colours makes strangers 300% more likely to approach you, for good and ill.

Green is the most practical colour to dye your hair if you are cheap, as it lasts the longest. Red and purple are the least practical, though I haven't tried pastels.

Once you bleach (which I do at an actual hairdresser, and it's costly), you can keep it fresh with Manic Panic.

Get ready to become known as the $PERSON with the $COLOUR hair.

People will develop opinions about your hair and state them rather directly and rudely. I just shrug it off, to be honest.

I think that's it! Anything else you wanna know, ask away. I'm kind of an open book about most things.


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