Jan. 20th, 2017

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Today isn't the day that a fascist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic rapist becomes the Pissmonger In Chief.

Today is the day that a moderate does. A centrist. Yesterday's extremist, hard-right views are now, as of 11:30 today, the mainstream.

I'm listening to the radio—the publicly funded, reality-based, Canadian radio–present this story as if there are two equally correct opinions, as if there is a fucking chance in hell that Trump may not be that bad. I'm listening to people on the radio say that he is not that fascist actually.

Debating whether the media has it in for him, as if the media didn't create him in the first place. This is the new balanced. This is where the Overton Window has settled. 

Good luck to all of you.
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 The only thing worse than fascism is amateur fascism. Sloppy fascism. This isn't Leni Riefenstahl, neoclassical architecture—let alone Futurism—or Hugo Boss*. This is fumbling, belching, red-cheeked and unshaven, unsophisticated fascism. This isn't even skinheads with swastika tattoos; at least they have an aesthetic, good taste in boots. This should be repulsive to anyone with sense. I don't get it. Why does your nation aspire to this? What makes it appealing?

I have a certain affection for the noblesse oblige brand of conservatism, old money and all that. It may be hideous but it gilds opera seats and knows how to spot a well-fitted suit. Of course, they're all secretly pigfuckers, but they do it behind closed doors. Before these next four years are up, I promise you that you will see Trump's cock hanging out in all its glory, or lack thereof. 

This isn't even urban versus rural—the tangerine Nazi rapeclown** is as New York as it gets, and there's something a little dignified in broken-down trailers and opioid overdoses. This is tacky. Your fascism is tacky. It makes me want to puke.

There's my political analysis. Vomit. We need to bring back the concept of shame and squick to politics, and yesterday isn't soon enough.

* Yes, I know, I know. Not all Nazi uniforms.
** Thanks 5ever to Hal Duncan for this


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