Apr. 14th, 2017

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 I've been experimenting with going to sleep without taking sleeping pills and my brain is coming up with some seriously strange shit.

I was a newly fledged werewhale, and in love with another werewhale who spent almost all of his time as a whale rather than as a human. Unfortunately, in my human life, I was being stalked by a serial killer who was also obsessed with me. I guess I must have bitten him, or otherwise transformed him into a werewhale, and he was much more pleasant in whale form, but still very sexually aggressive and scary by whale standards. But while he was a whale, I was reasonably safe from him.

Along with two female whales who were our pod members (and I think full-time whales rather than werewhales), we formed a whalesong band. We spent a ridiculous amount of money to buy a practice pool where we could rehearse. We planned a first show for Toronto Island where just my lover and I would perform, serenading the guests from the waters, as a trial run. But my stalker was jealous, and as I swam out for the island, I was afraid he was somewhere in the water, waiting to surprise me.

But I was alone out in the water. The current was strong, and my skin itched. I remembered hearing on the news that because of climate change and a depleting ozone layer, whales were getting blistering sunburns. It was a foggy evening, though, so I didn't think that this could be why I was having problems swimming. I could see the cathedral, draped in mist, where we were supposed to perform, but the harder I swam for it, the further I drifted from it.
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Buy my Christie Pits Hardball League hoodies and t-shirts!

I'll donate any profit to BLMTO and/or Movement Defence Committee. I couldn't set it up as a direct donation, but trust me, I have no desire to profit from these; I just want lots of people to wear them.


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