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sabotabby: raccoon anarchy symbol (raccoons of the resistance)

The Antisocial Socialist

i'll tell you all my secrets but i'll lie about my past

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Created on 2009-05-02 03:12:57 (#197539), last updated 2017-08-16 (3 days ago)

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Birthdate:May 16
Location:Hogtown, Canada

sabotabby facts, by the magnificent corwin77:

• Sabs once round-house kicked Chuck Norris so hard his beard fell off.
• Sabs is so sexy Captain Jack Harkness only dates her now.
• Sabs once panned Atlas Shrugged so hard that all the objectivists went out and bought Che Guevara t-shirts.
• Sabs stole the Declaration of Independence...from Nicolas Cage.
• Sabs holds over 400 world records including: Most One-Eared Kittens Saved, Most Coffee Drank in an Hour, Baker of the World's Largest Vegan Pizza.
• Every single My Little Pony in history was secretly named after Sabs, but only Sabs is clever enough to figure out how the names relate to her.
• Sabotabby does not attend demonstrations -- all she has to do is go for a walk, and demonstrations spontaneously form around her.
• Sabotabby didn't go to a protest against the Liberal leadership convention -- the leadership convention was a protest against Sabotabby. One doomed to failure, of course.
• Sabotabby doesn't need to paint picket signs -- any flat surface she stares at intently enough develops political slogans all by itself.
• Sabotabby is not a Marxist. Marx was a Sabotabbyist.


"When I was moving into my new house a few years ago we were having all our kitchen stuff delivered and my then-partner got off the phone, turned to me and said 'the fridge men are coming. [...] Now, it seems to me that there are two kinds of people: those that hear that sentence and think 'oh good, delivery of the white goods', and then there's those people who imagine a kind of enormous cyborg thing." -- China Miéville


If you like Gaybortion!, clickie clickie, or check out the archives.

The following communities cannot handle my awesomeness:
illegals (sorta)

Pending sainthood:
fagznbruomg, The Holy Church of Nostalgia, has nominated me as Patron Saint of Fuckable Arabs, although I'm technically not dead.

Ranked "Best Canada Jew" in this one time


"Jew demon-in-human-form." -- Bill White

"[T]ipical durty antisemitic nazy." -- avrom (Rabbi Avrom Shmulevich)

"sabotabby...has been one of the greatest exporters of teh lulz this side of the internetz. Nothing excites me more than an anti-Zionist anarchosyndicalist with her own comic series: gaybortion. Her only problem is that she loves the Trotsky cock, and is really into posting kittypron." -- ridemycamel

"[sabotabby] is illegal in 36 states." -- brownfist

"Watch this one. She think she is terrorist-friendly, thinks she is an anarcho-syndicalist yet plays around with Maoist imagery. She's a liar and a committed smear artist with a mild dose of twisted psychopathy that she glorifies in. All in all a phony and a fake who deludes herself into thinking that those jihadis in Toronto are just kids playing games." -- AnsaralZindiqi

"You're clearly an over-educated sheltered person who has a difficult time relating to working class people who cuss or use slang, and imagine that everyone who isn't as PC as you and your grad school friends all have "issues" with non-whites and women." — on_se_dit_tu

"All you have is a ghetto-style dislike for non-apologetic successful white people."

"I would swiftly flee a country in which sabotabby has taken over the means of production."— begundan

"#Sabotabby makes Young Geoffrey's Twitter feed worth following!" — ed_rex

"You sound like a MAN!!! Are you? If not - you are an 'honourary man" and I find you abhorrent." — Beverley Star

"[Sabotabby] is an experiment nothing more
[Sabotabby] is america redefined
[Sabotabby] is a goober" — The Google

"The pearlescent sheen of her carapace can be seen across all visual spectrums, a testament to both her bloodline within the politicowarrior caste and her personal hygiene. 10/10 would form symbiosis with again." — seanmonster

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champagne anarchists :: shop now, riot later

Dislikes:10:gin, manarchists, most abstract expressionism, neo-conservatism, new age, penis-shaped architecture, premillennial dispensationalism, slum landlords, strident nationalism, trickle-down economics

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