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 There's so much I want to write about and link to lately, but of course it's June and I'm a schoolteacher, so I've just been reblogging things on Facebook. And that's no way to live. Here are some highlights of the week.

The story gripping the city is of the Toronto Life story about a pair of self-involved, clueless rich kids who bought a Parkdale rooming house, sight unseen, and were shocked that people still lived there and also that you can't hire a contractor based on the fact that he's cycling by. This is all in the context of violent purging of the poor in the Parkdale neighbourhood, most notably an asshole landlord attempting to murder a tenant for striking against deplorable conditions. Quite a lot of pixels have been spilled over this issue, but the best response was my friend Todd's GoFundMe page (you can still donate), and the Metro interview with him that followed. Great stuff, and perfect timing—the Parkdale Rent Strike has the potential to be the most successful political action since BLM-TO forced Pride to ban uniformed, armed cops from getting paid to march in a parade that celebrated the very folks they like to beat up.

The Tories have a new Head Asshole, Andrew Scheer. No one has heard of this guy, and he conveniently had a lot of his more disgusting positions wiped from the intertubes. However, the Streisand Effect is still in play, so you can totally go and read what he's about. Spoiler: It ain't good. Fortunately, he has all the charisma of a mysteriously damp toilet paper roll, so I don't think he has much of a chance against Prince Justin or whoever the NDP nominates.

Do I have a clear preference for an NDP leader? I am shocked to say that no, I do not. I actually like multiple candidates. This is weird. I would be happy if Charlie Angus, Jagmeet Singh (with some reservations), or Niki Ashton won. I tend not to put a lot of hope in electoral politics but I do like having someone I can vote for and campaign for happily rather than someone who's the lesser of three evils.

Speaking of Niki, she's preggers. Yay Niki! She announced it on Twitter, because we live in the darkest possible timeline, and minor douchecanoe Brian Lilley got upset because she did not specify that she was pregnant with a human fetus. What else might she be pregnant with? Speculation abounded. Was it an alien? A tank-human hybrid? A dinosaur? No one knew until she clarified, kinda.

The coolest thing to happen around these parts is that the Ontario Liberals—who I don't even tend to like—announced that the minimum wage would rise to $15 by 2019, along with several other good labour reforms. This is great news, though in Toronto, where the cost of living is stupidly high compared to the rest of the province, it doesn't go far enough for my liking. Almost everyone is in favour, except for this whiny fuckhead, who is such an incompetent businessman that he can't afford to pay people to work for him. He was shocked and appalled to find himself the target of a boycott, and put up an even whinier sign that was immediately mocked for obvious reasons.

I try not to ever think about Barbara Kay, but a hero at Canadaland read that pro-genocide book that she recommended so that you don't have to.

Speaking of genocide against the First Nations, guess how much Trudeau's government spent fighting against indigenous rights in court? #sunnyways #colonialismbutfromtheheartoutwards

In international news, though I hate to go there:

Ivanka Trump makes her shoes in a Chinese sweatshop (no surprise there) and three activists have been disappeared for looking into it.

Laurie Penny continues to be my internet girlfriend. Here's a scathing editorial about freezed peach.

Finally, it is extremely important that we know about whether Melania is getting, and I quote, "federally-funded side peen." Yeah, you're welcome.
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"WATCH MOAR WEIRD WESTERNS" is definitely a thing on my to-do list. Because there are entire genres of Westerns I didn't know about until recently.

Case in point, the Ostern, or Red Western. Yes, the Soviet Union and East Germany made Westerns in the 60 and 70s! No one told me that this was a thing, and so I am informing you that this is a thing. I have watched my first, and it was magnificent.

Die Söhne der großen Bärin, or Sons of the Great She-Bear (1966) is an East German film about the colonization of Lakota territory in 1874. And unlike any Western—or mainstream film—I have ever seen, it's told from the indigenous POV. Not in a weepy romanticized our-old-ways-are-dying, "let's shoehorn in a sympathetic white lead to be the POV character" kind of way, but like the lead character is a Lakota warrior out for revenge against the white bastards who killed his father. It's begging for a modern, gorier remake by Tarantino. I mean, one of the bad guys gets eaten by a fucking bear; it's great.

It's probably about the only movie in which I'll admit that redface was necessary, given the dearth of Native American actors living in East Germany and Czechoslovakia at the time, but the filmmakers did do their homework, and the author of the books the movie is based on, Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich, researched the Lakota extensively and lived with them. Everyone speaks proper German (the Czech actors who portray the Lakota are dubbed), which removes the pidgin English that American and Western European actors were forcing on their Native American characters at the time.

Oh, naturally, our hero Tokei-Ihto is a good Communist who wants to liberate his people from the white invaders so that they can have collective farms. But in a subtle way. Mainly, this is a straight-up anti-imperialist narrative in a way that can only come out of the Eastern Bloc, and a much more honest, visceral portrayal of the colonization of the Americas than most of what's come out of this continent.

Then we watched:

Walker (1987), an acid Western by Alex Cox. I've seen it before but not in a long time, and it pairs rather well with Sons of the Great She-Bear. It's about William Walker, an American mercenary who made himself President of Nicaragua for reasons. Manifest Destiny reasons. And if it seems too weird to be true, it's not that fictionalized, and if it seems like an allegory for the American aggression against Nicaragua in the 1980s, well, yeah, obviously.

Walker is heavily stylized, with prominent use of Zippo lighters, computers, magazines, and various other anachronisms, and the weirdness works to both draw parallels between the historical story and modern politics, and also just look awesome. It's a movie with no sympathetic characters—Walker quickly goes from anti-hero to raging lunatic dictator the second he's given a whiff of political power. Things blow up good. The soundtrack is by Joe Strummer, who also plays a bit part. It's biting, violent, splatterpunk satire that seems just as relevant in 2016 as it did in 1987.

I highly recommend both, and they pair quite wonderfully together.
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Lost amongst the much bigger (but also, of course, disturbing) Panama Papers story is this article, about the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeals that records from the testimony of residential school survivors can be destroyed in 15 years.

Wait, what?

This fills me with so much rage I'm shaking almost too much to type.

I grew up knowing about residential schools. It wasn't exactly a secret, and it ended within my lifetime. I knew they were rape, torture, and death camps from a very early age. I've known about the FUCKING MASS GRAVES FULL OF CHILDREN'S CORPSES for at least a decade. I only recently found out that most settler Canadians claim to have only found out about it with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission findings, which I don't really believe because I tend to attribute to malice what I can't believe is stupidity.

So, of course, we're going to destroy the records. Thousands of people were brave enough to testify to the rape, torture, destruction of their language and culture, and horrific abuse they suffered at the hands of the state and church, and the state has decide this isn't worth keeping. Probably in another ten years, it can be entirely forgotten. If there's one thing settler Canadians are great at, it's forgetting.

Oh yes, they're claiming that they're going to contact the survivors and ask if they want their records archived rather than shredded (obviously they do, though, or they wouldn't have fucking testified in the first place, would they?) but since a lot of them are dead and they're aging in general and we're not exactly talking about a stable population, I'm guessing they'll say, "oh, we tried to call them but the phone was out of service, into the shredder with the testimony."

And then Canada can go back to pretending its a shining example of human rights when it instituted genocide on a mass scale and there are dead children buried in unmarked graves.
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As you wave your flags, change your FB icons, set off your fireworks, and proclaim your love for this strong and free country of ours*, please remember that tens of thousands of First Nations children died in residential schools and the vast majority of people here truly don't give a shit.

* General "you," not specific "you my readers who know better." Sheesh.
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Here is a thing that happened:

The government of Canada, in collusion with various churches, kidnapped, tortured, starved, neglected, raped, and in many cases murdered aboriginal children. They robbed them of their families and culture. They beat them for speaking their own languages. When they died—and per capita, more of them died than Canadian soldiers in WWII—they were not returned to their families but buried in mass graves that were abandoned once the "schools" were closed. This fucking abomination, our own Holocaust, committed on Canadian soil with the full blessing of the law and with willful, savage brutality, took place from 1869 to 1996, involved 150,000 innocent children, and dealt a blow to indigenous communities that still echoes today. How can it not? 1996. Do you understand how recent this is, how raw this wound remains?

And it's not a secret. It hasn't been a secret as long as I can remember. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee's report on it was released today, but the information contained therein has been in the news for years. I looked back in my "first nations" tag and found a post I made about Kevin Annett, who did extensive research that revealed estimated death tolls and some of the mass grave locations, in 2008. I remember watching "Where the Spirit Lives," which depicts rape, torture, and murder in a residential school, in 1989. We had like five channels back then, but it was on CBC, which you could get even if you just had a coat hanger wired to the back of your TV. My whitebread honky school showed the movie to us in class (different times; these days it would be too graphic to show to children). Even my shitty Canadian history textbooks, which existed to spread a false image of Canada as a multicultural, democratic, benevolent paradise, had a little paragraph noting that this was a thing that happened. (Minus the mass graves and the death toll, which may not have been that well known back in the 80s and regardless is not a thing that instills national pride.)

I don't pretend to be particularly knowledgable about indigenous issues. I'm white as the driven snow. I know some First Nations people, though not many. I've been vaguely involved in some solidarity activism. But I didn't have to go out of my way to learn that my government kidnapped and murdered children.

Like any decent human being, the fact that this was done enrages me. (Decent human beings, judging by some of the comments to today's Star articles, are at a premium in Canada. But if you are not outraged by genocide there's something wrong with you and you are #gulagbait.) But what also enrages me is the number of people who are acting like they had no idea this happened.

"We didn't study it in school."

"I had no idea it was that bad, though."

JESUS FUCK, people, what did you think happened? Why Oka? Why Caledonia? Why Attawapiskat? Why Bill C-51? Don't you live here?

Like, I get how someone brand new to the country might not have heard about it, as the fact that we fucking slaughtered large swaths of the indigenous population is not something that Canada advertises to new immigrants. But do people just never read the news? Is everyone just relying on Grade 10 Canadian history to be an honest and truthful representation of the European conquest of Canada? I'm actually raging here at how willfully oblivious so many whites must be to have made it to adulthood without having any inkling of the blood that permeates the land they've stolen. It's a testament to the brilliance of our national propaganda machine that it can convince so large a percentage of the population that this is not information worth investigating. And it's a testament to the sheer ignorance and racism of settler culture that, proportionally, more children died in residential schools than in Auschwitz or of the Black Plague, and until today few were willing to call it genocide.

Fuck off. If you were born here and didn't know, it's because you didn't care to find out.

P.S. We also enslaved black people. That's not in the history textbooks, but now you can't not know that either.
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The thing with reading anything about indigenous news or history is that the second it's viewed objectively (as opposed to through the lens of the colonizer), it becomes laughably absurd. And yet.

For example, if you asked a white Canadian if it's okay to kidnap people to be abused and tortured, I think most would say that it is not okay to kidnap people to be abused and tortured. If you asked if it's okay to kidnap children to be abused and tortured, the answer would probably stay the same. Probably anyone who answered in the affirmative is a sociopath.

And yet. Fact: The Canadian state kidnapped 16,000 children to be abused, tortured, and in many cases, raped. The survivors are suing. Now a court has ruled that they have to pay their own legal costs. Absurd, right?

Or this story, out of Attawapiskat. Let's say you own a house. Someone goes digging around in your backyard and finds a diamond mine. They get rich off of it—toss you the odd coin, to be fair, but dude, that diamond mine is in your backyard, and they already have shit-tons of money. Meanwhile, your house is falling apart, the water and heat have been shut off, and you're about to be evicted onto the street. We already knew De Beers was evil, but they're reaping tremendous profits off the backs of indigenous people.

(Don't read the comments.)

Lest I be accused of singling out Canada (I live here, okay?) Aboriginal activists in Australia have cost the Prime Minister a shoe. Heh. The Australian state owes a lot more than that.
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Lots of comments to my last entry to the effect of, "Okay, so what do we do?"

There's some obvious ones, like donating to the Red Cross, and some fun ones, like sending Harper to Mars. (Which might not help the people of Attawapiskat, but it certainly can't hurt.)

I feel that we are creative people, though. If Kalle Lasn can make an offhand suggestion in Adbusters and have it blossom into OWS, you'd think the great minds of the intertubes can help out here.

(Actually, one of my critiques of OWS is that it mostly dropped the ball on indigenous rights issues. The situation in Attawapiskat was well known before the Canadian Occupy camps were raided; here is this big group of people that could have been occupying government offices demanding that they do something. Instead they had drum circles. Anyway.)

Whenever there's a disaster in another part of the world, I see the internet doing stuff. Fandom raises money for earthquake and tsunami relief. Anonymous hacks the bad guys. The word gets spread around FB and LJ and Twitter with those little repost buttons.

This isn't any different. This is a humanitarian catastrophe and our government is making it worse. Let's put our heads together and come up with a way to do something.

Open thread: List your ideas, no matter how ridiculous. Maybe one will catch on.
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Having already violated Attawapiskat's sovereignty, Harper and his merry band of fucknuggets are after what little money it has left. The federal government is forcing the reserve to pay an inefficient private consultant $1,300 a day for the privilege of having Jacques Marion tell them to bend over and take it. (Incidentally, Attawapiksat told Marion where he could stick it, but they still have to pay him. Because the Prime Minister said so.)

This will come at the cost of frills like, oh educational assistants for kids with special needs.

For the record, some facts on the cost of living in Attawapiskat:

* It costs $250,000 to build a house, and only the federal government is allowed to build houses on the reserve.
* It costs $50,000-$100,000 to repair a condemned house, of which there are many.
* It costs $150 and $200 a cord for firewood, which will heat a house for about a week.
* The price of 6 apples and 4 small bottles of juice is $23.50.

Instead, the reserve's money will go to making some rich white douchenozzle even richer.

This right here is why I insist that there is no such thing as fiscal conservatism. All conservatism is socially reactionary. When conservatives talk about trimming spending, they mean stealing from a bunch of people like this:

To give that money to someone like this:

(With absolutely no savings for you, the taxpayer, by the way, because if you're anxious about slipping out of the middle class, you're so much easier to control.)

It has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility, and everything to do with reminding the First Nations that we can still screw them even harder.
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So, Canada has a dirty little secret. Hidden in squalid pockets in unwanted, frequently toxic bits of land, is our Third World, our oppressed, our colonized, the living fallout that we don't really teach about in Canadian History classes.

Recently, the Cree people of Attawapiskat issued a desperate cry for help that, at first, went unheeded. The only politicians to take notice were NDP (bless 'em, especially Fellow Worker Charlie Angus); the Red Cross had to go in before Emperor Harper decided to give a shit. And what a shit he gave! He put put the blame squarely on First Nations leaders, stuck the reserve under third-party management, and questioned where the $90 million that the community supposedly got from the Feds went.

The inhuman conditions in Attawapiskat—undrinkable water, toxic gas under the elementary school, buckets for toilets—aren't really unusual in First Nations communities. White Canadians like to pretend that it's the fault of corrupt First Nations leaders, but then, they also like to pretend that there aren't mass graves housing the bodies of kidnapped children on the grounds of residential schools. So, you know. White Canadians like to think that they're tolerant and blameless and enlightened, and get rather ornery if you remind them that their country is built on the bodies of its indigenous people.

But I digress. Attawapiskat. If you read the comments on any article about it, you'll notice a lot of victim-blaming, and over and over again the question: Where did that $90 million go?

I was pleased to find someone who did the research and has some answers. She has some hard figures on the cost of building houses, repairing existing buildings, education, health, and how federal dollars are actually spent (hint: the band can't do anything without government permission).

Feel free to spread that last link around. The average Canadian—myself included—really doesn't know very much about how federal funding to First Nations communities actually works, or understands a single thing about conditions on these reserves.

Incidentally, there may be a reason why we're hearing about this particular struggling community and not the others.

This is one of the least horrible pictures I've seen from Attawapiskat. I'll spare you the others; you can Google them if you want.
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It is patently unfair that I should have to know about the Miss Universe pageant, but apparently even in my lefty feminist bubble, it managed to hit my radar right now.

And yes, it's low-hanging fruit, but I'm going to laugh at the costumes.

My second-favourite is Chile:

Miss Haiti and Miss Japan managed to not dress up like earthquakes, and Miss Colombia is not dressed as a very stylish, very sexy member of the FARC, but Miss Chile totally kept it classy and dressed up like a miner.

I bet Miss Romania dressed up as, like, a vampire or something:

Wait, seriously?

But the most awful, over-the-top, offensive outfit belongs to my own Home On Native Land. Check out Miss Canada:

What the bleeding fuck, Canada? Why don't you just dress up in blackface or something? If I thought anyone watched this other than [ profile] ohnotheydidnt I would be horribly embarrassed about my country, but fortunately I'm pretty sure pageants are irrelevant and no one watches them. Still. This is a thing in the world, and I feel gross that it even exists.
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The RCMP have invaded Mohawk territory, arresting 38 people. The reason for the incursion? Pot dealing. Just as a reality check, 13.3% of Ontarians smoke weed regularly. 36% of adults between 18-29 smoke weed. Generally, police here don't care if you smoke or deal weed as long as you're white.

So maybe, maybe, there is something going on at the Rez besides a case of reefer madness. I didn't actually have to do any research. That's not the pot that's making you paranoid: Harper's actually targeting indigenous Canadians.

Information obtained by the First Nations Strategic Bulletin through Access to Information requests reveals that almost immediately upon Harper’s taking power in 2006, the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) was given the lead role to spy on First Nations. The goal was to identify the First Nation leaders, participants and outside supporters of First Nation occupations and protests, and to closely monitor their actions.

Expect more of this now that spiteful, racist Canadian voters have given Harper a mandate to trample on the self-determination and human rights of the First Nations.

Meanwhile, closer to home, our Honourable Drunken Wife-Beating Mayor is tossing the idea of branding public parks with corporate names. Now the TTC may also be following suit. In a way, you know, I look forward to this. It's very cyberpunk. I can't wait until Toronto is turned into a neon-noir dystopia, like the Manhattan of my imagination, with giant billboards awash in acid rain. Oh wait.

If you';re wondering what Canadians can do to help dissident movements in the Middle East, the answer is: Not this. Yeah, a Guelph company called Netsweeper makes sure that when the citizens of Yemen get too uppity, their internet gets turned off. Best quote:

“It’s no doubt a great market opportunity for them,” said Ronald Deibert, who heads the Citizen Lab, which examines human rights in the digital era, at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

Yes, that Munk.

I hate this country.
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Internets! Allow me to share things with you that need sharing. In no real order beyond that in which I read them:

1. On the bus this morning, I finished The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon, which is one of the more perfect novels I've read in awhile. I went home and squeed about it just now to [ profile] zingerella (who has not read it) and [ profile] human_loser who has. [ profile] human_loser pointed out that you can't actually say anything about it that isn't incredibly spoilery because it's that tightly written a novel. At any rate: apocalyptic hardboiled detective story in an alternate universe where the Jewish homeland is in Alaska. Also some of the best cursing this side of Warren Ellis.

2. Then I read that my illustrious school board feels like children are not already bombarded enough by ads, and should perhaps be getting more ads at school, where they are a captive audience. The funds this brainwashing will generate, according to CBC? $1300 a year. Not even one computer at the extortionist prices that we're charged. Fabulous.

3. Then I made the even worse mistake of reading the Sun at lunch, since we get it for free now. There was a lot of stupid in it but this editorial takes the cake. Apparently police treatment of Caledonia residents during the Six Nations' reclamation of their own land is worse than the beatings, kettling, arbitrary arrests, sexual threats, and artificial limb-removing that went on during the G20. Really? The police handled the Caledonia people—many of whom were racists, a few of whom were literally neo-Nazis—with kid gloves. Also, I'm pretty sure that the OPP wasn't issuing passports or curfews. I love how the Sun and Blatchford in particular just get to make shit up, call it "news," and even get paid.

4. Okay, onto some more cheerful things. I'm reading The World That Never Was: A true story of dreamers, schemers, anarchists, & secret agents by Alex Butterworth. This book is non-fiction, apparently. I know very little about the author or his credentials as an historian, but as it seems well-researched so far, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and take the following passage, which I shall quote out of context, as a description of something that actually happened in 1867:
The highest priority was still the maintenance of robust communication with the outside world. Recollecting his first, hated job at the Department of Patents a year before, Rochefort mayhave regretted dismissing too hastily the myriad proposals for balloon guidance mechanisms that had then crossed his desk. In the absence of any great leap forward in the years since, it seemed that the most outlandish suggestions were now to be encouraged with funding. Pigeons equipped with whistles to deter Stieber's falcons proved especially effective, the pellicles strapped to their legs carrying photographically reduced letters. Each delivery kept a team of hunched copyists busy for several days, transcribing from a megascope projection. Even the eccentric Jules Allix's twenty-year-old notion of a communications system based on 'sympathetic snails'—pairs of molluscs rendered telepathic over huge distances by the exchange of fluid during mating, whose synchronized movement could communicate letter codes—saw a brief revival of interest.

(Spoiler: This worked exactly as well as you'd expect.)

I was clearly born in the wrong century.

ETA: More about the snails.
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[ profile] nihilistic_kid brings us a strong contender for worst human being on the planet. (Warning: I do not say this lightly. Click at your own risk.)

[ profile] springheel_jack linked to Ayn Rand-inspired jewelery.

I mentioned this on The Face, but here's more on that Japanese restaurant with creepy monkey waiters what think they're people.

Here's a Cracked article on parasites. It's not as horrifying as the other three links.

What about you? What has shocked and appalled you lately?
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Virginia governor declares Confederate History Month. What? Really?

The Catholic Church knowingly dumped pedophile priests in remote native villages in Alaska, because, hey, who could stop them?

The Afghan torture hearings continue, but don't think that you get to hear about it.

Speaking of which, remember when we invaded Afghanistan to drive out the Taliban and bring in democracy? LOL.

The Ontario government continues not to do anything about the mercury contamination in Grassy Narrows, the result of the Dryden Pulp & Paper Co. dumping 9,000 kg of mercury into the Wabigoon River.

This is just chilling to listen to. Some radio asshats making jokes about starvation in Haïti.

The same high school that cancelled prom rather than let Constance McMillen bring her girlfriend did something even worse to another kid. 16-year-old Juin Baize was kicked out on his first day of class, and his family was eventually forced to relocate to Florida to protect his safety, just for being transgendered.

Cats at the Toronto Humane Society are in danger of being euthanized if homes are not found for them by April 12.
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Virginia governor declares Confederate History Month. What? Really?

The Catholic Church knowingly dumped pedophile priests in remote native villages in Alaska, because, hey, who could stop them?

The Afghan torture hearings continue, but don't think that you get to hear about it.

Speaking of which, remember when we invaded Afghanistan to drive out the Taliban and bring in democracy? LOL.

The Ontario government continues not to do anything about the mercury contamination in Grassy Narrows, the result of the Dryden Pulp & Paper Co. dumping 9,000 kg of mercury into the Wabigoon River.

This is just chilling to listen to. Some radio asshats making jokes about starvation in Haïti.

The same high school that cancelled prom rather than let Constance McMillen bring her girlfriend did something even worse to another kid. 16-year-old Juin Baize was kicked out on his first day of class, and his family was eventually forced to relocate to Florida to protect his safety, just for being transgendered.

Cats at the Toronto Humane Society are in danger of being euthanized if homes are not found for them by April 12.
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Via [ profile] dmlaenker, we have an early contender for 2010's Worst Person On the Internet. This one's going to be hard to beat, folks. Every single sentence in that post is carefully crafted from pure, 100% American homegrown fail.

ETA: Bahleeted, but Google never forgets.
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Via [ profile] dmlaenker, we have an early contender for 2010's Worst Person On the Internet. This one's going to be hard to beat, folks. Every single sentence in that post is carefully crafted from pure, 100% American homegrown fail.

ETA: Bahleeted, but Google never forgets.
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The first Thanksgiving, as reenacted by children:


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