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We rolled into Vilnius, Lithuania just before 10 pm last night after a four-hour long bus ride. It was pouring rain, which is typical for here (apparently the weather is awful in one way or another at least 60% of the time), and late, so we grabbed dinner at a vegetarian bar and crashed out at the hotel. Today, it was supposed to pour--our cab driver assured us that this time, the entire city would be flooded--but our luck held and we were able to do a walking tour of the Old Town and the Republic of Užupis.

Vilnius has a messy, dilapidated charm. I think, perhaps, my lack of bonding with Riga was due to the fact that it's kept in such good repair; letting a city crumble a bit is much more aesthetically pleasing. It's slightly less Westernized--people here speak Russian as much as they do English, though mainly Lithuanian--and just, well, weirder.

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fiddleheads and southwestern saladTonight's dinner. The salad was technically part of lunch as well.

I almost never make anything super-fancy just for myself these days—seriously, half my meals come out of a can—but fiddlehead season comes but once a year, and my mom brought me some, so I got to make some of these tasty-but-dangerous delights.

Here is a recipe for how to make fiddleheads.

It came out excellently, holy shit.

The Southwestern salad is my own recipe, more or less. Sauteéd jalapenos, avocados, grape tomatoes, cilantro, and walnuts. The dressing is olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, black pepper, and lime juice. 

Other delicious things I have made or participated in making this weekend: Homemade falafel balls, pear-walnut pie, and more of that avocado pasta that I am obsessed with at the moment.


In other, related news, my apple tree is blossoming!

apple tree 

And Cocoa is looking extra-cute:

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 Cocoa turned 13 yesterday! My baby is officially a teenager! It's also, by default, Sabot's birthday. They got to celebrate with a meat cake made from four different animals, catnip, and new toys.

meat cakekitties eatingkitties eatingsabot checking out her toycocoa eating

I think they had a good party. They're currently sprawled out, blissfully content, on my bed.

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You guys you guys I did it!

I made the chocolate caramel shortbreads vegan. I usually make chocolate caramel shortbread as one of my Christmas cookies but that was Before. Now I had to re-learn how to do them.

This was a massive triumph of baking engineering given that my first attempt to find a recipe was a total clusterfuck that ended in literal tears. This is some advanced shit and it took two recipes + substitutions to create something that worked. But it worked! And it tastes like joy.


How'd that last picture get in there? Cocoa, you are not a foods even if you are the same colour and named after a foods.

Anyway I am really proud of myself so here's what I did under the cut.

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Jun. 13th, 2016 05:53 pm
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I keep being reminded throughout the day. I mean, it's pretty hard to avoid the subject. Especially when the Board sends you that general form-letter about how to talk to children about mass shootings. Seriously, that's a thing that they have to do, because the NRA is out of control.

I don't really have anything to add that hasn't been said by wiser people. This one hits a lot closer to home than most senseless mass shootings, though. I just feel sick and sad and furious and queasy, somehow.

As—once again, wiser—people have pointed out, there is no point in asking America to get its shit together. If a school full of six-year-olds wasn't a wake-up call, a club full of queer Latinx who most of their leaders seem to want dead anyway is hardly going to stir them into action. Fucking fuck. That's it, that's my contribution. Fuck all of this shit.

There was some kind of incident at UofT today. Turned out to be nothing, but multiple buildings locked down and so on. I don't usually feel unsafe, but days like these feel pretty unsafe, y'know?

Anyway here are my cats being gay and cheering me up:
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My latest review is up!

In other news, I did birthday festivities this weekend. It involved Ethiopian food and fancy drinks at Shore Leave. Here is a punch bowl that is on fire:


Okay, it's not a lot of fire. But it was still on fire.

The despair about aging lifted a bit in the presence of good friends, a number of whom I hadn't seen in ages. So that was lovely. Also I got incredibly drunk.

Did a bunch of gardening. I now have almost all of my vegetables in. I'm keeping it simple this year: lots of tomatoes, basil, scotch bonnet peppers, and one experimental ghost pepper. Planted marigolds to help the tomatoes along. Going to pick up some pickling cucumbers tomorrow. The kitten frolicking through the periwinkles is Merlin, one of the tinykittens. Both the two remaining tinykittens and their tinycat mom have claimed my backyard as their territory.


Bonus pictures of my cats, taken with my portrait lens.


And I got boots! They are like this but more black than red, so essentially the same finish as the boots they are replacing, except that a) they are Docs, not Fluevogs, and b) they do not have massive holes in them. So that's good, too.

The best thing of all is that it's a long weekend and I can actually catch up on my sleep and such!
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It's the Forces of Darkness's birthday today! (Well, it's Cocoa's birthay—12, to be exact—but Sabot gets to celebrate her birthday on April 1st too because I don't know when it is.)

So I made them a meat cake.

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I went wandering with [ profile] metalana and took a bunch of pictures, and then she sent me filters and I made artsy photos. You might like them.

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It's taken them almost two years, but my cats (both adopted as adults, for anyone just tuning in) are finally at the stage where they are either BFFs or high femme lesbians, I can't tell. Anyway, they are almost inseperable. They're usually in the same room about a foot apart from each other, but lately they've been cuddling and grooming each other.

I caught them at it yesterday and just about died. Sorry for the less-than-amazing quality of these pictures; it was at night with my cellphone and the lighting in my bedroom isn't awesome.

It's sometimes very hard to leave the house with these guys being so cute.

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I hope everyone had a good night last night, however they personally define it. I partied, like I do, at [ profile] the_axel, [ profile] the_siobhan, and D.'s place. I was v. sensible and hardly drank compared to previous debauched NYEs, although I ended up staying up until almost 4 am and being hungover anyway. It was one of those parties where my friends from school met my friends from camp and got along, plus I managed to distribute nearly all of my remaining baking-spree cookies, so I consider it a win.

It seemed a very quiet night out last night. Free TTC, but not at all packed. The occasional roaming pack of revellers drunkenly saluting the roaming pack of revellers I brought with me from the east end. Toronto has figured out that going out on NYE is pointless and one should instead stay in with friends and not pay through the ass for drinks somewhere loud. Definitely one of the more low-key nights, except that the party was packed.

I am grateful for the awesome people in my life. Seriously. I know such cool people and they know such cool people.

The only sad thing was not being able to spend the night with the Forces of Darkness. But I gave them meat when I got home and so they've forgiven me for abandoning them.

Actually, they weren't too interested in me when I got home. They were interested in meat. Meeeeat.


Now it's snowing, and I gotta decide whether I'm masochistic enough to watch the next bad movie for Cheatsheet of Freedom or do something more productive.
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I'm trying to do something vaguely creative during my vacation, but I haven't done any art since the summer so I'm feeling a bit rusty.

So I drew my cats as people. )

Drop your suggestions for more silly things for me to draw, paint, or write in the comments.
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I bet you would like to see how the tinykittens next door are doing.


MOAR tinykittens )
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Want some pictures (mostly blurry) from the past few days? Of course not. But you're gonna see some anyway!

Friday: Went to see Primal Scream. I was vaguely aware of them in the 90s but only really started listening to them recently. They were pretty great and we ran into the singer at the pub afterwards. I have no pictures as we were really far back, and then we were too close to take pictures in a way that wasn't awkward.

Saturday: Gardened with my mum in the afternoon. Planted ALL THE THINGS. Here is my garden at the moment:


Currently in the ground: cherry and grape tomatoes, snap peas, snow peas, pickling cucumbers, kale, collard greens, and ghost peppers. It got scorchingly hot over the weekend and I have no idea what will live and what will die, but I'm pretty psyched. I also got a rose bush, which is already starting to bloom.

Admittedly, I am most psyched about the potential for ghost peppers. Gotta love planting instructions that come with a warning to "use extreme caution."

And here is my apple tree in full bloom!

Saturday night, well, you already know what happened. But here is a picture of most of the Kitten Bloc:


Anyway, the show was really phenomenal. It was exactly as balls-out insane as I would expect a Laibach show to be (I've been into them for ages but have never seen them live). As much performance art as music, with amazing visuals/propaganda videos. I am utterly in love with the new album.

And yes, apparently Milan Fras noticed and kinda did a double-take.


At the pub afterwards, L. showed everyone a trick to light up your beer with your cellphone:


Sunday: If Kitten Bloc was not enough to convince you that I am a massive nerd, a bunch of us drove down to Buffalo to go see the Welcome to Night Vale live show.

I don't want to say too much about it because apparently it is a thing to not say much about the live shows until the tours finish, but ZOMG SQUEE. Like the other live shows, much more on the hilarious side than the grinding existential horror that's been the podcast lately, and so worth a 2+ hour road trip to another country to see.

Here, have a very blurry cell photo of Cecil making a claw hand, for reasons.

The cast at the end, taking adorable to a whole new level.

Now I'm home and my body hates me but yay, weekend of awesome.
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Cocoa is 11 years old today, so I made her a tuna cake.


Also she got a catnip toy from the wonderful lady who owns the pet store, but she wasn't that interested. Sabot snatched it right up and is currently tripping balls.
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I know you are all just dying to hear updates about how my cats are doing and to see cute pictures of them, etc.

So they are co-existing quite well! Given that it's only been a week. The hissing has almost entirely ceased, and Sabot is coming a bit out of her shell, although Cocoa is obviously still the reigning queen of the household. See below:


Cats are not to scale. Sabot is about half the size of Cocoa. She is a tiny cat of tiny, though she has filled out a teensy bit due to eating.

I finally managed to take a good picture of Sabot where you can see her properly:


She is on a red thing, of course, because she knows that she is an anarkitty and barely dodged being named Pussy Riot.

I have, admittedly, as of late, been that person who, at parties, pulls out her cellphone to show pictures of her cats. But they are really great! I mean, look at how cute my cats are.

I mean, I've been up to other things too, but those other things are not cute and fluffy.
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I forgot to tell the story of getting Marinetti to that last vet appointment.

So I called a cab. When I got in, the guy was on the phone figuring out Koran orders. As in he was bulk-ordering Korans but the other guy had sent the wrong amount or something. He had not been sent enough Korans. Anyway, there was a lot of traffic so we started talking. He said he'd been a vet back in Pakistan and was working on getting his license here, but he'd only been here two years and was working as a cab driver in the meantime. I said, "well, welcome to Toronto, good luck, etc."

He said he really liked Toronto. Previously, he'd been living for six years in Scotland and hated it. Apparently all there is to do in Scotland is drink, fight, and curse the English, and there is a pub every 100 metres*. I thought the latter bit sounded pretty good, but then I said, "Oh, I guess you don't drink."

Which was enough to launch him on the most hamfisted attempt to convert me to Islam ever, with my dying cat purring on my lap. It was the worst conversion attempt I've ever encountered. Like, I would have done a better job trying to convert me to Islam. He wasn't even being a dick about it; he just couldn't come up with one argument that made any sense. (Example: He went from being a cell to a fully grown human, isn't that a miracle? I told him that I'm pretty sure that happens all the time. Also, you don't start with the "alcohol is evil" thing. That's like the worst selling point of any religion.)

Anyway, the whole thing was quite good natured and a distraction. I left him with the story of the Prophet Muhammad and the cat, which I think is a better argument for Islam than any of the ones he provided.

He said, "I'm banging my head against a brick wall, aren't I?"

"Yep," I said. "But you distracted me from thinking about how my cat's dying, and I really appreciate that, so thanks. Salaam alaikum."

So that happened.

* Which led to a funny discussion later with [ profile] the_axel about how I wanted to go to Scotland now. Because it has pubs and castles. He pointed out that it is not all pubs and castles. I told him I was disappointed because I was picturing "castle, castle, pub" all the way down the street and apparently it's not like that.


Apr. 3rd, 2014 06:52 am
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The sheer amount of sympathy and kindness from you guys is staggering. I wish I had the spoons to respond to everyone individually, but I don't. Just know that you matter to me and that you are helping immensely.
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This is, as you might imagine, a heartbreaking entry to write. Which means that I'm going to write it once and post it in several places, and my apologies in advance to anyone who has to read it more than once.

Just over a decade ago, I went to the Humane Society to adopt a cat. Being a crazy cat lady (though, at the time, quite catless), I of course found myself paralyzed with indecision, wanting to adopt all of them. Until an oversized white paw whipped out from somewhere in one of the lower, shadowy, almost hidden cages and swiped my leg, and thus Marinetti declared me his own.

He was, at the time, almost four years old, on a medical waiver because of his deformed eyes and chronic herpes infection, and had been at the Humane Society the longest out of all the cats. He looked like a tough customer. Like most creatures who look terrifyingly badass, Marinetti was, naturally, a sweetheart.

Many of you met him over the years and can attest to the fact that he was the Best Cat. He was loving—often at inconvenient times and in inconvenient places, often aggressively affectionate—gregarious, and smart as hell. He was adventurous, even into his old age. What you may not know is that he was also a sensitive gentleman when he needed to be. During the darkest times of my life, he was my one constant, and my best friend.

Details of how he died )

the last picture of Marinetti photo lastpicofmarinetti_zpsd1db00ae.jpg
This is the last picture I took of him, earlier this evening. The fact that he was being sweet to Cocoa here is some indication that he was not himself.

I'm heartbroken. Anguished. There aren't words, really, so I'm not going to try. I've known this was coming for awhile, and that actually makes it somewhat easier, because every second I've had with him has mattered. I know that he had a far better life with me than he would have if we'd never met.

But when I got home from the vet clinic and he didn't meet me at the door I almost broke. I don't know how I'm going to deal with a world that doesn't have him in it. Goodbye, my beloved kitty. I will miss you so much.

marinetti photo marinetti_zpsf68be9c1.jpg
February 5, 1999—April 2, 2014


Feb. 5th, 2014 05:52 pm
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This little dude is 15 years old today!

ermagahd photo ermagahd_zps7ff84b6e.jpg

Like any teenager, he stayed up stupid late last night and slept in this morning. I got him a kitty fountain, but he does not seem to have noticed it yet. I may need to put it somewhere more prominent.

Anyway, he is the greatest.
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3.7 kilos, up from last week's 3.6.

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