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DeVos is the actual worst. It's as though everything I hate in the world took a massive shit and then someone made a shit golem out of it and appointed it Secretary of Education.

Still, I ought to point out that both sides of the Billionaire Party had a hand in this one. It's not like Arne Duncan didn't thoroughly gut public education, and the Democrats love their charter schools, standardized testing, and industry disruptors as much as the Republicans.
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Well, that was something.

Despite my awesome powers of prognostication, I did not expect Cheeto Benito's Alt Reich to act as quickly or decisively as they did. My entire experience with authoritarian far-right governments in North America has been that of a slow-burn, frog-in-boiling-water type situation where most of the bad shit goes down in ways far too complex for the average citizen to understand. But this is different. This is a week, and we're all in such turmoil that it is impossible to keep track of all of the horrible shit happening at once.

This is by design, of course. You are meant to be confused and overwhelmed. The point is chaos and disruption. Much of Trump's moves won't stick, can't stick, but the intention is to screw fast and hard, to leave any opposition or resistance bewildered and under-resourced.

One of the reasons why I no longer identify as an anarchist (though I still have many anarchist sympathies) is that I actually believe that a big, lumbering bureaucracy is a healthy thing. It stops, for example, one psychopathic manchild elected by a deluded fraction of the populace from acting on every single chubby he gets when he's sitting on his gold toilet. I may not be that familiar with the US political system, but there are supposed to be checks and balances to prevent this kind of thing. Trump has decided to cut through all that, and because the US government is not typically accustomed to a sole petty tyrant doing whatever the fuck he wants, it is not in a position to respond immediately. And this is what cause the massive clusterfucks at the airports.

This is the age of immediate gratification, and the US now has a Führer who acts only based on immediate gratification. The system may respond, but it's a few hours behind, and those few hours can mean a lot if the bad guy's only plan is to smash and destroy as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

There are a number of avenues for resistance, as many are currently circulating. To be honest, I'm mainly concerned with the ones I can help with as a Canadian. I'm super-pissed, by the way, in the way you can only be when you have a full, normal life going on and you need to halt it because every action that is not directed towards removing Trump from office seems like a wasted action*. In the next few months and years, I may be a stop along an underground railroad, but it can't just be action on an individual or even small group basis.

So here are a few things:

Trump is a Nazi, and anyone who supports him is a Nazi. This is how you need to view things from now on. No compromise, no quarter, no platform. Do not allow representatives of the American state to enter your country. Cut ties with your Trump-supporting relatives. Picture them all in Stormtrooper helmets or SS badges if it makes it easier. They have voluntarily given up their right to be considered humans.

Any company that supports Trumpism is the enemy—more so than regular capitalists. Delete the Uber app. You shouldn't have it in the first place—I never have, because I look at them and I see the last chance for a peaceful social democracy in which workers are able to earn a living wage yanked from under us. Punching Nazis in the face is good, but punching them in the wallet is just as effective.

Donate to the ACLU. They are the first line of defence, as we saw this weekend. I just donated and you should too.

Write, call, email, tweet your MP or whatever elected representative you have. Any government that does business or maintains ties with the US is practicing appeasement, and ought to be treated with the respect due to Neville Chamberlain or Vichy France. We should all be withdrawing our ambassadors, shuttering our embassies, and threatening to cut business ties. I don't even care if the latter is realistic right now—these are not realistic times.

Trudeau's tweets are not enough. It is public grandstanding, not actual policy. The quota was capped at 1000 and is now closed again.

Fight fascism wherever you are, in any way you can, be it with your words or fists or finances. The discourse is changing. Nick Kouvalis, officially the Worst Person In Canadian Politics**, gets away with calling people "cucks" on Twitter now. Fight them. Fight them all. We are at war.

* Incidentally, though, in the future, can we please allow the entire world to vote for US presidents, not just Americans? If your actions are going to affect everyone, we ought to get a say.
** Campaign manager for Rob Ford and now Kellie Leich.
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 [ profile] resonant  put me in mind of an important point, which is how closely the Cheeto Benito parallels our own Honourable Wifebeater, Rob Ford. Which had me thinking about timelines. There is a fundamental difference between a competent reactionary and a wildly out-of-control narcissist, and I really believe that the Tangerine Rapeclown falls into the latter category.

So here is my projected timeline for the major phases of the Trump Administration, written here with all of the scientific rigour and accuracy of a Nate Silver poll.

Year One: Trump is allowed to rampage unmolested*. He sells off what is left of America's public assets to the lowest bidder—well, maybe the highest, depending on how closely he is related to them. The media cannot respond, because they have no framework for this. Any genuinely populist moves are blocked by the party apparatus, whereas reactionary legislation, particularly if it targets women, people of colour, trans people, or poor people, gets rubber-stamped. Towards the end of the first year, rumours of a scandal—a really serious one, more serious than Russia or golden showers or raping teenagers—is uncovered, mainly by the non-serious press.**

Year Two: The Year of the Breakdown. Trump's further actions are stalled by a hostile party establishment, and Mike Pence takes over as the de facto president. Expect at least one hospitalization or arrest, though charges are not laid. You will almost certainly see Trump's dick by the end of the year, either via still photography or, more likely, video.

🍆 you're 🍆 welcome 🍆 sweet 🍆 dreams 🍆

Year Three: I expect that he will die. Not, I should note, as the result of foul play or revolution, but these big loud guys tend to not live very long. Heart failure, exacerbated by the stresses of the job and the staggering quantities of Colombia's finest going up his nose. Pence is sworn in as president. Tearful eulogies, in which his good points are stressed at the expense of all actual reality.

Year Four, and thereafter: Get ready for the era of Trumpism Without Trump. Understand that the sole purpose of allowing a creature like this to be elected is to allow the next guy, who looks less like a clown and has policy objectives, to look reasonable by comparison. You will not get your country back. You never had your country.

Sorry about this but I'm probably right.

* Unlike all the women in his life, amirite?
** Think Buzzfeed or, before Peter Thiel showed his commitment to FREEZED PEACH, Gawker
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 The only thing worse than fascism is amateur fascism. Sloppy fascism. This isn't Leni Riefenstahl, neoclassical architecture—let alone Futurism—or Hugo Boss*. This is fumbling, belching, red-cheeked and unshaven, unsophisticated fascism. This isn't even skinheads with swastika tattoos; at least they have an aesthetic, good taste in boots. This should be repulsive to anyone with sense. I don't get it. Why does your nation aspire to this? What makes it appealing?

I have a certain affection for the noblesse oblige brand of conservatism, old money and all that. It may be hideous but it gilds opera seats and knows how to spot a well-fitted suit. Of course, they're all secretly pigfuckers, but they do it behind closed doors. Before these next four years are up, I promise you that you will see Trump's cock hanging out in all its glory, or lack thereof. 

This isn't even urban versus rural—the tangerine Nazi rapeclown** is as New York as it gets, and there's something a little dignified in broken-down trailers and opioid overdoses. This is tacky. Your fascism is tacky. It makes me want to puke.

There's my political analysis. Vomit. We need to bring back the concept of shame and squick to politics, and yesterday isn't soon enough.

* Yes, I know, I know. Not all Nazi uniforms.
** Thanks 5ever to Hal Duncan for this
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Today isn't the day that a fascist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic rapist becomes the Pissmonger In Chief.

Today is the day that a moderate does. A centrist. Yesterday's extremist, hard-right views are now, as of 11:30 today, the mainstream.

I'm listening to the radio—the publicly funded, reality-based, Canadian radio–present this story as if there are two equally correct opinions, as if there is a fucking chance in hell that Trump may not be that bad. I'm listening to people on the radio say that he is not that fascist actually.

Debating whether the media has it in for him, as if the media didn't create him in the first place. This is the new balanced. This is where the Overton Window has settled. 

Good luck to all of you.
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I know it ranks pretty low on the things that are shit about the tangerine bezoar, but y'all have to read the inaugural poem—that's a thing? I guess it's a thing—by Famous Lyric Poet You've Never Heard Of, Joseph Charles MacKenzie. It contains such gems as the following:
True friend of the migrant from both far and near,
He welcomes the worthy, but guards our frontier,
Lest a murderous horde, for whom hell is the norm,
Should threaten our lives and our nation deform.
And my absolute favourite:
Academe now lies dead, the old order rots,
No longer policing our words and our thoughts;
Its ignorant hirelings pretending to teach
Are backward in vision, sophomoric in speech.
Now we learnèd of mind add ourselves to the crowd
That cheers on the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!
§ The refrains at the end of each stanza are to be recited by the Inaugural crowd.


You can read the whole thing here. It is not a good poem.

The real comedy gold, however, lies in the website of Trumpistan's newly appointed Poet Laureate and State Propagandist. Go, feast your eyes upon the majesty. I understand that it may be hard to find a poet willing to write such a ballad announcing the crowning of our Orange and Saviour, given that the good poets mainly lean left, fed, as they are, on arts grants and food stamps. The best the Trumplings could do band-wise was fucking 3 Doors Down. But this guy:
One of my professors, an Oxonian named Charles Bell, indicated that some of my sonnets surpassed many of Shakespeare’s. Indeed, a sequence of 154 sonnets I had then completed later received First Place in the Long Poem Section of the Scottish International Poetry Competition.

joseph mckenzie shakespeare

You have boycotted modernist so-called "poetry" for over half a century, but arrogant publishers have ignored your rejection of pseudo-intellectual nonsense in chopped-up prose.

Backward old elites have censored traditional lyric poetry because it clashes with their Marxist-totalitarian world view. The result has been complete censorship of traditional lyric verse and the loss of the ability to produce it.
This is what I mean about how art under authoritarian regimes is typically Not Very Good.

Fortunately for all of us, an actual Scottish writer has responded, no doubt echoing the sentiments of most of his countrymen. After all, these are a people who famously welcomed Trump thusly:

trump is a cunt

Take it away, Hal Duncan.

From Scotland With Love )

In cheerier news, Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence. So that's something.
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I wrote this back in ohdeargod 2008 to explain why I didn't understand the American health care debate. Sadly, in 2017, with the Republicans repealing the hella flawed ACA and leaving nothing but ruins in its place, I still don't understand the American health care debate. Hence, a repost.

The People Who Live on the Moon
An awkward parable

I don’t know if you guys know this, but the Moon has been colonized for ages by a race of aliens that are very much like you and me. They live in underground caverns that look a bit like this:

terriformed moon

Their society is one of the most prosperous anywhere in the universe. They have tons of money, which they use to buy awesome technological gadgets that let them be in instantaneous contact with friends on the other side of the Moon. They produce more food in their underground greenhouses than they know what to do with. Their reality TV is of the highest quality of any reality TV in this region of space.

The only problem is this: The Moon has no air. They’ve developed a way to synthesize a breathable atmosphere, which they pump through all of the buildings in the underground caverns. But this technology was developed by a capricious and greedy company. The air company keeps their quality filtered air circulating through the Moon colony. The Moon people hardly ever think about where their air comes from. But every so often, completely randomly, the air company cuts off the air of a particular house until the owner of the house pays for them to restart it. The amount of money that the unfortunate owner of the house must pay is completely dependent on the whim of the air company. Moon people get understandably nervous about the prospect of their air getting cut off. After all, there’s no source of free air on the Moon, and suffocation is a horrible way to die.

Accordingly, an industry has sprung up around keeping the air flowing to people’s houses. Several companies provide air insurance—at a cost, of course. If you have air insurance and the air company cuts off your air, the insurance company will get it back up and running before you suffocate. Usually. So most of the Moon people have air insurance. Many Moon companies recognize the importance of air, so they provide air insurance to their workers. Other Moon people buy it privately.

There are just a few snags:

1. Air insurance is really expensive. Some Moon people can’t afford it.
2. If you’ve ever had your air cut off in the past, no company will sell you air insurance.
3. If you get sick and can’t work, your company will stop paying for your air insurance, and you won’t have any money to buy your own private air insurance.

It’s quite possible, of course, for an alien to live her entire life out on the Moon and never get the air in her house cut off. So many Moon people who don’t have a lot of money decide to take a risk and not buy air insurance. They figure if their air does suddenly get cut off, they can run to a neighbour’s house and hope to be taken in, or that maybe they can do a deal with the air company to get the air back up and running, as long as they pay a tribute to the air company for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, their air won’t get cut off until they’re old and have enough savings to pay the reconnection fee.

For a lot of Moon people, air insurance isn’t even an option. They can’t get jobs at the sorts of companies that provide good air coverage, or they’re too young, or too old, or too sick, or they’ve had too many run-ins with the air company before to qualify. A significant number of Moon people die of suffocation every year because they can’t afford to pay when their air supply gets cut off.

This used to not be reported at all, but increasingly, the Moon people are noticing that Martians, who also suffer from an air shortage, have a different air system entirely. The Martians pay more in taxes than the Moon people do, but they don’t need to pay for air insurance. It actually comes out cheaper, because there are no big air insurance companies that require an overhead; just one, centralized government department that makes sure that air gets provided to everyone. The Moon press reports that the quality of air on Mars isn’t as good as the air on the Moon, but the Martians aren’t complaining, really. Air, they argue, is a Martian right.

Many Moon people are talking about reforms to the air insurance industry. As it happens, there is currently an election happening for Moon President. One candidate thinks that the air insurance system is pretty good as is—if anything, he seems to want to get rid of any limits that currently exist, letting the insurance companies charge whatever they want for their services. The other candidate wants to pass a law requiring everyone to buy air insurance, including the people who are now too poor to buy air insurance.

A few Moon people have suggested moving to the Martian system, but whenever they pipe up, they’re called socialists, which is the biggest insult you can possibly think of in the Moon people’s language.

The Martians, for their part, don’t understand at all why the Moon people don’t stage a revolution over this. To them, the whole air insurance issue is, well, pure lunacy.


Nov. 24th, 2016 09:14 pm
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When I was a kid, I used to have a recurring dream about packing a suitcase. That was all there was to the dream—I had to leave my home very quickly, and pack enough to be away for a long time, probably forever—but they always felt ominous. I was leaving in a hurry because I was being forced out of my home, and if I didn't leave, I'd die.

These dreams stopped as I got older, replaced with more traditional anxiety dreams.

Lately, I've been having them again. I blame America.
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Spotted in my neighbourhood.

If I read one more thinkpiece about the poor neglected American white working class men I swear to fuck I'll scream.

Their lives suck, sure. Hillbilly heroin and outsourcing. Their lives suck because of decisions made by rich maggots like Cheeto Hitler. Boo-fucking-oo. Their lives will continue to suck under Trump, in exactly the same way, except worse without Medicare and the ACA or whatever else half-assed government programs y'all have down there.

I ask you: Where were these guys when we were in the streets protesting NAFTA in the 90s? Voting for Bush, calling us terrorists and anarchists for holding up traffic, that's where. Yelling at us to get jobs.

But you know who else's lives suck? Black working class men and women. Trans working class men and women. Latino working class men and women. Muslims and Jews. Immigrants. Disabled people. None of whom are rich, coastal elites. And their lives are going to get worse in the same way that white working class men's lives will get worse, only exponentially more because their government has now declared open warfare on them. Losing your job is shit, trust me, I know; losing your job and then getting beaten to death by some brownshirt wannabe fuckhead is apparently something most whites can't empathize with, so why should they get empathy in return?

To the extent that any working class people actually voted for this bargain basement Mussolini, they have rendered themselves undeserving of your sympathy and understanding.

P.S. Same with white American women, though I see less pity pieces about them.
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The silver lining to having an anxiety disorder is that you always predict, and plan for, the worst possible outcome. You may be occasionally pleasantly surprised, but you'll never be disappointed.

cut for those coping in less morbid ways )
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My sincerest condolences to my American friends, and even more so to the many around the world who will feel the consequences of Americans' decisions and didn't even get a say.

I have a lot of worries, too many to name. Stay safe, y'all, and stay fighting.
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#TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner is seriously the most brilliant policy proposal put forth by the Trump campaign. The Washington Post, in all its wisdom, has put out an article detailing the economic implications:

The national economic implications of a taco truck on every corner

As you might have guessed, they are not only tasty, but economically sound and would result in almost full employment.


In Chairwoman Sabotabby's fully automatic luxury communist space utopia, I can guarantee you that there will, indeed, be #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner. This is a promise, and unlike other political figures, not one that I would ever renege on.


Jun. 13th, 2016 05:53 pm
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I keep being reminded throughout the day. I mean, it's pretty hard to avoid the subject. Especially when the Board sends you that general form-letter about how to talk to children about mass shootings. Seriously, that's a thing that they have to do, because the NRA is out of control.

I don't really have anything to add that hasn't been said by wiser people. This one hits a lot closer to home than most senseless mass shootings, though. I just feel sick and sad and furious and queasy, somehow.

As—once again, wiser—people have pointed out, there is no point in asking America to get its shit together. If a school full of six-year-olds wasn't a wake-up call, a club full of queer Latinx who most of their leaders seem to want dead anyway is hardly going to stir them into action. Fucking fuck. That's it, that's my contribution. Fuck all of this shit.

There was some kind of incident at UofT today. Turned out to be nothing, but multiple buildings locked down and so on. I don't usually feel unsafe, but days like these feel pretty unsafe, y'know?

Anyway here are my cats being gay and cheering me up:
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Approximately a million internet years ago, [ profile] radiumhead asked for a post about House of Cards, which I said I'd write once I'd finished the second season of the American one. It turns out I have Thoughts! Many Thoughts.

So, for those of you who have somehow missed this weird bit of popular culture, there are two House of Cards TV shows. One is a BBC series from I think the 90s starring Ian Richardson, the other is Netflix's interesting experiment with the binge-watching model, starring Kevin Spacey. They're both based on novels by Michael Dobbs, which I haven't read (anyone? should I bother?) and follow the adventures of the amoral whip of the party in power (Tories in the BBC version, Democrats in the Netflix one, more on that in a bit) who gets passed over for promotion and, in revenge, destroys everyone until he's on top.

When the Netflix series came out, PopeJohn tried to get me to watch it, and I was kind of like, "ummm, don't really like American political dramas," thinking that it would be like The West Wing. This may surprise some of you but I find American politics duller than the politics of practically any other country. It's not like there's a lot of variation in the political discourse of, say, Canadian politics, but it's still a greater scope than is allowed in American politics. Then he told me that the first scene is Kevin Spacey killing a dog and I decided to give it a chance.

(Because I love manipulative amoral protagonists more than cake, okay? Don't judge me. My formative years were in the grimdark 90s and I can't help it.)

I thought the first Netflix series was quite good. PopeJohn then told me that in the BBC one, they kill Thatcher, so I watched it assuming that it would be better. It was. (I mean, are you surprised? I like the non-American versions of most things better than the American versions.)
Spoilers for both series, Hunger Games, and 1984 )

P.S. [ profile] bcholmes, it is now time for me to start watching Hannibal.
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Today my kids asked if the Canadian government shut down too or just the American one. I should have told them that ours shuts down every time Harper has his ego bruised, which is all the time. It doesn't seem to affect the country much, to be honest.

Apparently some Democrat called some Republican "anarchist," I guess in retaliation for Republicans calling Democrats "socialists" and "communists," or, more charitably, in reference to Chesterton's awesome quote: "The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all." Dear Americans: Words mean things. You already ruined "libertarian" for the rest of the world. Please call the Republicans or Tea Partiers or whatever what they are: fascist douchecanoes. I may not be an anarchist anymore but anarchism is a legit political theory that has a pretty specific meaning.

This is the only article about it I've bothered to read. I've been busy.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm very slowly changing the look of my LJ, not that anyone would likely notice besides me. I was overhauling my Proper Website and accidentally deleted my banner (which I was hosting there), then decided not to put it back up since the photo barely looked like me, or Marinetti, anymore. I don't know if my current banner is just a placeholder or not; every time I see it, the kittens look so joyful. I can't help but think that kittens, pie, and communism sums up the vast majority of my blog entries.

I killed the blogroll, though. Half the links were broken and half aren't things I read anymore, or even support. Not sure if I'm going to put a new one up; it would seem useful, but I'm terminally lazy.
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So Zimmerman's going to have a book deal, a reality TV show, or a run for office—or all of the above—next, right? I think that's how it works in America.
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Listening to a CBC segment on Edward Snowden and wondering at the attempt to force a sort of ambiguity on a situation that really has little in the way of moral ambiguity.

Historical memory is a funny thing. We venerate individuals who stood up to political evil, whether their actions were legal or otherwise, and they do tend to be otherwise, so long as the evil has passed. I've been assembling a collection of photos and quotes by and about Nelson Mandela, who, when he began his long journey as an activist and well into it until the anti-apartheid movement became acceptable by the mainstream, was derided as a terrorist by the likes of David Cameron and many other upstanding Westerners. Civil Rights activists, Soviet dissidents, the few Germans who resisted Hitler, the protestors of the Arab Spring, all acted outside of their country's legal structure. Even in our popular culture, we cheer for the underdog freedom fighter, the Katniss Everdeens and Mal Reynolds and Rebel Alliances that stick it to the big totalitarian governments, a habit we've no doubt picked up from having 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 on high school English class reading lists for approximately forever.

And yet when history is actually being made, when we're inside the narrative, suddenly it's somehow less clear. (It isn't, but there are a number of very powerful interests working very hard to muddy the waters.) The U.S. government behaved badly in a way that, if it had occurred on a TV show, would be classic Evil Totalitarian Government behaviour. In fact, it's kind of the classic Evil Totalitarian Government behaviour. And it obviously affects people far beyond the U.S. They were, and presumably still are, spying on all of us, not just their own citizens.

One does not politely ask an Evil Totalitarian Government to kindly stop doing that bad thing it's doing. Well, one can, but one is unlikely to meet with a very useful response. No, we've all seen the movie, we know what the proper response is. The truth must come out.

History will vindicate Snowden, which does him little good at the moment. In the meantime, there's handwringing about whether he broke the law and violated the national interest, as if the law is something sacred and immutable and given to us by God rather than written by human beings, as if the national interest doesn't include any people. It displays a profound ignorance of how nasty regimes are allowed to develop into nasty regimes in the first place. It strikes me, from my position in this quaint little backwater property of the Empire, as so deeply absurd and myopic that I can't honestly believe that people are making these sorts of arguments. I can't believe that my own government is not at least contemplating granting Snowden asylum, as it did to Igor Gouzenko for doing essentially the same thing as Snowden did with less altruistic motives. (Well, I can, but only because my government is currently trying to be more actively evil than the American government.) It's not that I disagree with these arguments, though I do, it's just that I completely can't understand the mentality that would cause someone to make them. One would have to stand completely outside of the constructs of ethics—which a good many people do, apparently—and the lessons of history in order to stake a claim that this man did anything other than the right thing.
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The NRA says:
There exists in this country a callous, corrupt and corrupting
shadow industry that sells, and sows, violence against its own people.

Through vicious, violent video games with names like Bulletstorm,
Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse. And here’s one:
it’s called Kindergarten Killers. It’s been online for 10 years. How come
my research department could find it and all of yours either couldn’t or
didn’t want anyone to know you had found it?

Then there’s the blood-soaked slasher films like "American Psycho"
and "Natural Born Killers" that are aired like propaganda loops on
"Splatterdays" and every day, and a thousand music videos that
portray life as a joke and murder as a way of life. And then they have
the nerve to call it "entertainment."

(Really? They're still blaming American Psycho and Natural Born Killers? Aren't there any newer violent movies?*)

So of course they released a target practice game for kids. Ages 12 and up. It used to be ages 4 and up, but someone decided it was tasteless, I guess.

In all fairness, you don't kill actual people in the game. And in all fairness, I see nothing particularly wrong with shooting games in general. I do see something wrong with claiming that video games are responsible for gun violence and then releasing one of your own a month later.

Incidentally, if you haven't seen it already, do check out this article about that one time that the NRA pushed for more gun control. They are kind of the worst ever to the point where I'd suspect they were performance art if they didn't have so much power over the U.S. government.

* That was rhetorical, people. You should know by now that violent movies are my favourite sort.


Nov. 13th, 2012 07:12 pm
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Can someone explain to me why everyone cares about where Petraeus puts his dick than about how many innocent Iraqis and Afghans he's slaughtered?

God bless Amurrca.
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Dear American friends,

Good luck with your crappy electoral system and lack of genuine choice today. We had better not wake up to President Fucking Mittens tomorrow is all I'm saying.

Soviet Socialist Canuckistan


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