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 Listening to some TERF spew TERF bollocks on CBC and I'm struck by how close the TERF (and their buddies, the misogynist right) sound to the arguments of anti-immigration types. You were not born X, therefore you can never be X, etc. Is it then coincidence that the two greatest points of unity on the Alt Reich are the opposition to the human rights of immigrants and trans people?
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So I wrote my MP and he wrote back. I'm posting it here 'cause tbh, while I will never vote for or support the Liberals, I thought his response was pretty decent and I'll give credit where credit is due:

if you are interested )ETA: I ain't naïve and I know Trudeau won't actually do anything
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Well, that was something.

Despite my awesome powers of prognostication, I did not expect Cheeto Benito's Alt Reich to act as quickly or decisively as they did. My entire experience with authoritarian far-right governments in North America has been that of a slow-burn, frog-in-boiling-water type situation where most of the bad shit goes down in ways far too complex for the average citizen to understand. But this is different. This is a week, and we're all in such turmoil that it is impossible to keep track of all of the horrible shit happening at once.

This is by design, of course. You are meant to be confused and overwhelmed. The point is chaos and disruption. Much of Trump's moves won't stick, can't stick, but the intention is to screw fast and hard, to leave any opposition or resistance bewildered and under-resourced.

One of the reasons why I no longer identify as an anarchist (though I still have many anarchist sympathies) is that I actually believe that a big, lumbering bureaucracy is a healthy thing. It stops, for example, one psychopathic manchild elected by a deluded fraction of the populace from acting on every single chubby he gets when he's sitting on his gold toilet. I may not be that familiar with the US political system, but there are supposed to be checks and balances to prevent this kind of thing. Trump has decided to cut through all that, and because the US government is not typically accustomed to a sole petty tyrant doing whatever the fuck he wants, it is not in a position to respond immediately. And this is what cause the massive clusterfucks at the airports.

This is the age of immediate gratification, and the US now has a Führer who acts only based on immediate gratification. The system may respond, but it's a few hours behind, and those few hours can mean a lot if the bad guy's only plan is to smash and destroy as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

There are a number of avenues for resistance, as many are currently circulating. To be honest, I'm mainly concerned with the ones I can help with as a Canadian. I'm super-pissed, by the way, in the way you can only be when you have a full, normal life going on and you need to halt it because every action that is not directed towards removing Trump from office seems like a wasted action*. In the next few months and years, I may be a stop along an underground railroad, but it can't just be action on an individual or even small group basis.

So here are a few things:

Trump is a Nazi, and anyone who supports him is a Nazi. This is how you need to view things from now on. No compromise, no quarter, no platform. Do not allow representatives of the American state to enter your country. Cut ties with your Trump-supporting relatives. Picture them all in Stormtrooper helmets or SS badges if it makes it easier. They have voluntarily given up their right to be considered humans.

Any company that supports Trumpism is the enemy—more so than regular capitalists. Delete the Uber app. You shouldn't have it in the first place—I never have, because I look at them and I see the last chance for a peaceful social democracy in which workers are able to earn a living wage yanked from under us. Punching Nazis in the face is good, but punching them in the wallet is just as effective.

Donate to the ACLU. They are the first line of defence, as we saw this weekend. I just donated and you should too.

Write, call, email, tweet your MP or whatever elected representative you have. Any government that does business or maintains ties with the US is practicing appeasement, and ought to be treated with the respect due to Neville Chamberlain or Vichy France. We should all be withdrawing our ambassadors, shuttering our embassies, and threatening to cut business ties. I don't even care if the latter is realistic right now—these are not realistic times.

Trudeau's tweets are not enough. It is public grandstanding, not actual policy. The quota was capped at 1000 and is now closed again.

Fight fascism wherever you are, in any way you can, be it with your words or fists or finances. The discourse is changing. Nick Kouvalis, officially the Worst Person In Canadian Politics**, gets away with calling people "cucks" on Twitter now. Fight them. Fight them all. We are at war.

* Incidentally, though, in the future, can we please allow the entire world to vote for US presidents, not just Americans? If your actions are going to affect everyone, we ought to get a say.
** Campaign manager for Rob Ford and now Kellie Leich.
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I spent a few hours volunteering at the East Toronto Families for Syria hub this afternoon. It was a few hours well spent. Like everyone there, I have been wanting to do something, anything (well, I've gone to some benefits and rallies, but that's not very direct) and then this opened up, which is kind of perfect.

It's repetitive, non-thinky work. I spent half the time sorting through coat hangers. There were about six bags of coathangers, taking up valuable floor real estate. So I sorted out the good coathangers from the dry cleaner coathangers that someone thought would be useful, and bundled them into child-size and adult-size and skirts and suits, and within the hours, all the bags were gone. Coathangers aren't something that you think about people needing, but of course people need them. You don't carry coathangers with you when you flee your war-torn country. A lot of the refugees are still living in budget hotels so most of them went there with one of the drivers.

I spent the rest of the day helping the refugees who came in find what they needed, wrapping dishes in plastic bags and newspapers so they wouldn't shatter, restocking the shelves, bringing back boxes of new donations to the back to be sorted, taking out boxes and bags to be loaded into vans and sent out to wherever the refugees are. Sorting out the garbage that people think is helpful to donate. Smiling at the little kids and making small talk with the other volunteers, translators, and sponsors. The refugees didn't speak much English but they knew "thank you" and I know "shukraan." They were all so grateful; it was almost embarrassing. I'm just a person who showed up for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

All of the volunteers save one were women, the vast majority working age, with jobs and families. It's not glamorous work, but they didn't have a shortage of people flailing around and asking what they could do, people showing up with armfuls of donations. I think we all felt like we weren't doing enough. One woman was there with her 13-year-old daughter. The girl was going through a stage where she was very into Greek myths, and we had a discussion about Sisyphus and Prometheus, and whose fate was worse (I recommended that she read Camus) as we sorted cutlery and knick knacks.

It's not often that you can do a thing that's uncomplicated good. So much of organizing is sitting in meetings debating, or doing work where you can't see an immediate payoff or maybe you haven't done anything useful at all. Sometimes you just need to sort coathangers.
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I don't have much to contribute to that thing that happens whenever a Western country experiences a horrific attack. It's all been said by people smarter than me. All I can do is extend sympathies to people who are near or have family in Paris—and Beirut; to be honest, I know a lot more Lebanese people than I do French people—and feel sad and shocked and disgusted.

But I wanted to share one really good thing. This is the first good thing on LJ I'm going to say about Dustin Waterhole's government, though I've mentioned a few good things they've done elsewhere. And I think, in general, they're reprehensible opportunists. BUT.

One of their election promises was to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada before the end of the year. There's been a lot of talk about how difficult that's going to be, both logistically and politically. Personally, I don't think 25,000 is enough—this is a humanitarian crisis beyond the scope of my imagination, and if we're not doing everything we possibly can, we are failing—but it's a good start and better than Harper would have done, of course.

The attacks on Paris yesterday would have been a chance for the Libs to back out of their commitment and score political points with the hawks and racists. (The attacks on Beirut, of course, would have no affect either way, because doesn't that sort of thing happen all the time over there to those people? No need to light up the CN Tower or change our Facebook icons to the colours of the Lebanese flag.)

They have confirmed, as of today, that they are still going ahead with it.

This is absolutely the correct decision. After all, the horrors we saw in Paris are the selfsame horrors that Syrians and others—oh yes, don't forget that Syria is not the only refugee crisis—are fleeing. It was the correct thing to do a few days ago and it is the correct thing to do today.

It is, furthermore, how the world should react to terror and tragedy—with compassion, empathy, and levelheadness.

So colour me surprised and impressed.
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FullSizeRender 5

Last night, there were demos in at least 18 Canadian cities and towns. I went to the one here with [ profile] misslynx. It was surprisingly large, given the two days that the organizers had to get it together. We shut down traffic at Yonge and Dundas and Yonge and Queen* and rallied outside of the Canadian Border Services Agency office.

Here's some coverage from CTV.

More photos )

Meanwhile, the Tories remain sad that all this dead baby stuff is making them look like big meanies during an election campaign and committed to taking in fewer refugees and supporting Assad (reminder: the reason the war in Syria started four years ago) by bombing anything we can.

There are a lot of horrible things in the world. I can't do anything about most of them. I can do something about this.

* Non-Hogtowners: The busiest part of the downtown.
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So I was in Hampstead today, participating in the Justicia for Migrant Workers vigil commemorating the eleven people killed in a van crash six months ago. The situation today is no less dire—if anything, it's gotten worse. Six migrant workers have died in the last two weeks. The drought conditions have caused crops to fail, meaning that many of the migrants who come here to cultivate and harvest our food—often paying thousands of dollars for the privilege of doing so, earning below minimum wage and barred from unionizing—were summarily deported to their home countries. Changes to unemployment mean that many Canadians who would otherwise be eligible for EI will be forced to take jobs that previously only migrants would, pitting the reserve army of the unemployed against the already dreadfully exploited farmworkers. Part of the struggle for better working and living conditions involves recognizing that these folks even exist and reminding the country of the horrific lives they lead, just so that we can have cheap food.

The call-out from Justicia:
Six months have passed since the tragic accident that killed eleven people near Hampstead, Ontario. Amongst the dead were 9 migrant chicken catchers from Peru. The impact of this accident has been felt across the hemisphere as families struggle to cope in the wake of this accident. To commemorate the sixth month anniversary, Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) is organizing a March and Vigil entitled 'Remembering the Dead, Standing up for the Living'. It will take place Sunday July 22, 2012 starting at noon.

Working with the survivors of the accident, the march and vigil is being organized to raise awareness of the thousands of migrant workers who have been injured, become or sick while working in Canada.

The survivors of the crash, Javier and Juan, wish to break the invisibility not only of their situation but to raise the profile of the conditions faced by migrant workers across Canada. Their message is clear: Federal and Provincial laws designed to protect migrant workers don't work! Fundamental steps need to be taken to ensure that migrant workers are treated with respect and dignity. Our demands are as follows:

Safe working conditions
Status upon arrival
No fees for work
Equal access to all entitlements
Modernize labour laws to reflect the realities of migrant workers
No repatriations and deportations

Where can I find more information?


"Buy Ontario" doesn't sound too wholesome now, does it?

more pictures under here )
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“I don't know, and that's what I’m going to sit down with the prime minister and find out, how our immigration laws work. Obviously I have an idea, but whatever I can do to get ’em out of the city I’m going to. Regardless of if they have family or friends, I don’t want these people, if they’re convicted of a gun crime, to have anything to do with the city of Toronto.”

Fucking immigration laws, how do they work?

Also, I'm pretty sure the shooters are going to turn out to be as Canadian as the Honourable Racist Wifebeating Drunk-Driving Bird-Flipper himself.

ETA: The HWB explains why he voted against funding social programs to reduce crime and the very organizations currently counselling the kids who witnessed Monday night's violence:

LOL just kidding. He runs away from reporters and gets into his car.
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If you live anywhere near southern Ontario, you can't avoid the story of the van crash that killed eleven people near Stratford.

It was the kind of accident that isn't. The police are saying that the van driver, who ran a stop sign and shouldn't have had so many people in the vehicle, was at fault for the crash. I say that the real killer here is the vicious loophole in Canadian law that allows farmers to employ seasonal migrant labourers under conditions that Canadians with status wouldn't tolerate for a second. They are brought here—and have to pay for their trip—exposed to dangerous chemicals without proper protection or training, forced to work long hours for ridiculously low wages, and forbidden to organize or unionize. They live in dorms on the farms and their personal lives are up for scrutiny by the bosses. Here's a post about what it's like inside one of the vans. Protections enshrined in Canadian labour law do not apply to them. If they complain, they're blacklisted. They were put in the situation that got them killed by an unscrupulous agricultural lobby, a government that claims to be tough on immigration but is fully willing to exploit immigrants when it's to their own advantage, and a Canadian public that simply does not give a shit about the lives of migrant farmworkers.

The victims were mostly from Peru; one was from Nicaragua. Many were members of the same family. They came here because of the economic pressures we in the First World have brought to bear on Latin America, making a desperate choice to eke out the cruelest of livings.

Here are their names:

Jose Mercedes Valdiviezo-Taboada
Cesar Augusto Sanchez-Palacios
Enrique Arturo Leon
Corsino Jaramillo
Mario Abril
Oscar Compomanes-Corzo
Juan Castillo
Elvio Bravo-Suncion
Fernando Correa
David Armando Blancas Hernandez

Justicia 4 Migrant Workers has organized a day of action (I'm working so I can't go) and is calling for a coroner's inquest.

We owe it to their memories, and to their families, and to all other migrant labourers on Canadian farms to fight the ignorance and racism that perpetuates this exploitation.

And here's a song. This is not a new story.
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Joint release from No One Is Illegal in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver

Over the past three months, the Conservative government has issued multiple lists of migrants that it charges with serious criminality or war crimes, often without evidence. Jason Kenney and Vic Toews have created phonelines across the country dedicating to reporting and deporting people.(More information below)

The Conservatives claim they want to hear from us, so let's make our voices heard! One of the oldest and most important forms of day-to-day resistance is impairment: let's jam these racist snitch lines and make them ineffective and irrelevant. Let us reaffirm that we are opposed to displacement, not migration; we are opposed to occupation, not resistance!


CALL 1-888-502-9060 and 1-888-242-2100 (press 5 after selecting your
language) all day!

We encourage you to report JASON KENNEY, RICK HILLIER and PETER MUNK who are the subject of a country-wide search for arrest and removal for crimes against humanity and decency.

If you know of other war criminals or people with serious criminality, please email

Aliases: Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism;
Minister of Censorship and Deportation.
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1968-05-30
Place of Birth: Oakville, Ontario
Last Known Address: Calgary, Alberta

Identifying Features: Demonstrates profound hostility towards refugees, women, queer and trans people, temporary migrant workers, and sponsored family immigrants. His particular disdain of people of colour is exhibited through his drive to cheat, detain, and deport them, but disguised through a disingenuous commodification of “ethnic” food and votes. Crimes include, but are not limited to: inhumane and unlawful imprisonment of children and families fleeing war and violence; unrelenting sabotage of immigrant, refugee, women, queer and trans rights; and stifling civil liberties while fostering hate speech. Kenney has overseen a massive cut in the numbers of immigrants with full status in the country and is presently pushing Bill C4 that will ensure arbitrary detentions of refugee claimants for up to a year. Kenney also supports the illegal occupations of Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan.

Report any information on Jason Kenney. Cash rewards maybe available.

Spread and post this wanted poster to your networks

Alias: The Big Cod
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1955
Place of Birth: Campbellton, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland,
Last Known Address: Afghanistan

Rick Hillier was Commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kabul, Afghanistan and was promoted to his present rank and assumed duties as the Chief of the Defence Staff on 4 February 2005. Under his watch, over 15,000 Afghani civilians were killed, thousands more tortured, brutalized, impoverished and displaced. Rick Hiller has since worked for Telus, TD Bank and the United Nations.

3. Name: MUNK, PETER
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1927
Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary
Last Known Address: Toronto, Canada
Aliases: Pinochet's boy

Peter Munk is chairman and founder of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold-mining corporation. Barrick Gold is responsible for mass displacement, gross human, community and labour right abuses and devastating environmental degradation across the globe. In countries like Australia, Chile, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania, Barrick takes advantage of inadequate and poorly enforced regulatory controls to rob indigenous people of their lands, destroy sensitive ecosystems and agricultural land, support brutal police and security operations, and sue anyone who tries to report on it. In 2009, Munk was named one of “the Top 50 People Influencing Canadian Foreign Policy” by Embassy magazine.

* Amnesty International Canada Open Letter:
* Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada slams the snitch lines:
* Opposition slams new immigration fraud tip line:
* Coalition of Human Rights Groups Oppose Most Wanted Lists:

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The Toronto Catholic District School Board is stupid and should not exist:

[School board trustee] Frank D’Amico said that they were lucky he didn’t answer an earlier phone call, “because my first call would be to immigration Canada.

“If you want to live in Canada, take our Canadian jobs, use our Social Programs and Health Care ... I strongly suggest becoming a citizen. I am forwarding your concern to the RCMP and to immigration Canada.”

The e-mail was in response to an earlier e-mail Ms. Saad [a social work student] had sent numerous trustees about difficulties finding a placement for a student whose parents were undocumented immigrants. In her original e-mail, she referred to a phone call with a school board administrator that she claimed was skeptical of undocumented immigrants; Mr. D’Amico’s response was that “unless you’ve been on another planet for the last Decade, I will remind you, 911. [sic] September 11 the day that changed the world.”

Hey Mr. D'Amico, if you are going to live in Ontario and be paid by Ontario tax dollars, it might behoove you and your school board to abide by the Ontario Human Rights Code:

Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability

Emphasis mine. I highlighted sexual orientation because of the other reason publicly funded religious schools shouldn't exist.

In other news, our Honourable Wife-Beating, Drunk-Driving Mayor also really sucks. How much, you might ask? The province offered two public health nurses to the city, for free, and Ford said no. No reason. It's not like this service would cost him or the city anything. He simply said no because fuck poor people, that's why.

Now he's not going to march in Pride either. I'm not sure why the queer community of Toronto would want him to, but refusing to is really, really tacky. Even the asshole chief of police, Bill Blair, who should lose his job but that's a whole 'nother story, shows up for Pride.

You know you are a pathetic douchebag when even corrupt and homophobic Mel Lastman calls you out on it.
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Check out this clusterfuck of racism and ableism: Family faces deportation over son's autism. You can be a good and productive citizen all you want, but if your kid has a disability, apparently you're just not welcome in Canada. The good news is this: Protest sometimes actually works. Because public protest made Jason Kenney back down. Awesome.

Here's another issue near and dear to my heart: school surveillance. That article is from the Guardian, citing examples from the U.S., where students must walk through metal detectors and cops are omnipresent, handcuffing and tasering small children, but don't think that Canada is all that far behind. Schools are where the next generation is being trained to accept routine violations of their bodies and their privacy.

Expect to be hearing about my union's campaign to keep the Tories out in the Ontario election. As might be expected, the SUN article contains some inaccuracies and lacks quotes from the vast majority of teachers who would rather not be pink-slipped by a Hudak government.

Here's another fun one from Cracked: The 5 Most Pointlessly Women-Specific Products. I'm a bad feminist because my immediate reaction was "OMG THEY MADE A PRINCESS DI GUN?" Not that I'd ever buy one; I'm Canadian and a small-r republican. Put a Hello Kitty on one and I'm admittedly a bit tempted.

In other news, this guy is a massive douche.

And on a completely unrelated note, the antibiotics appear to be working. I'm still tired as all hell but I can actually speak and breathe properly again, so yay!
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Some years ago, No One Is Illegal Toronto fought a tough battle to stop immigration officers from entering women's shelters, kidnapping already vulnerable women, and deporting them to countries where they may face the threat of even more violence.

But now, the Canadian Border Services Agency has reversed this decision. Not only does the new policy put women in shelters in mortal danger, but it also will prevent many women from leaving abusive situations in the first place. It's hard enough to leave—I used to work at a women's shelter, and in the few short months I was there, at least one woman didn't reach us quickly enough and was murdered by her husband. This policy inevitably means that some innocent woman will die. Probably many.

Details under the cut )
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We here at Sabotabby Reads the News applaud a surprising turn of events: Three men have been charged in the deaths of four workers killed by a faulty scaffold.

I say surprising because it is the first time in Ontario that company officials have been charged with murder for choosing short-term profit over the lives of their workers. One seldom hears of it happening anywhere, despite the frequency of work-related deaths as companies increasingly skimp on health and safety to save a few bucks. These are deaths directly attributable to capitalism, but, of course, we don't tally death-by-political-system unless the killers are ostensibly communist.

This reminds me of two other deaths last month, those of Ralston White and Paul Roach, who died on a farm near Owen Sound after inhaling toxic fumes that have no business being around human beings. You probably didn't hear those names, because, well, they were Jamaican migrant workers employed under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

Three hundred workers die on the job in Ontario every year. In comparison, 151 Canadian soldiers have died in Afghanistan since 2001. I will state with confidence that fruit-pickers and construction workers are more important to a civilization than soldiers. (What's more important, invading Afghanistan or having a roof over your head and food in your stomach?) And yet, Aleksey Blumberg, Vladimir Korostin, Fayzullo Fazilov, and Aleksanders Bondarevs do not get moments of silence at school assemblies. Ralston White and Paul Roach do not get paraded, with flags and fanfare, down the Highway of Heroes.

It is my hope that the families of these men get some small measure of justice and comfort, and that this marks a turning point at which we might begin to examine the violence inherent in the system our culture's conceptions of whose lives count, and whose do not.
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Arizona residents show some basic human compassion, get ticketed for littering.

But opponents say the water drops are encouraging immigrants to continue to come across the border illegally. The critics say there ought to be Border Patrol agents stationed near the water stations to arrest those who are crossing illegally as soon as they finish drinking. So furious are some at the practice of aiding immigrants that they have slashed open the water jugs, crushed them with their vehicles or simply poured the water into the desert.

These "critics" ought to get charged with murder. One of the people profiled in the article found the body of a 14-year-old child in the desert just before he was ticketed.


Sep. 11th, 2010 01:16 am
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It is completely awesome that Robert Rodriguez made a movie that appeals to the part of me that is a 14-year-old boy and likes to see things blowing up and people getting their heads chopped off, and also appeals to the part of me that is a sensitive lefty and attends No One Is Illegal events.

Most cathartic film since Inglourious Basterds.

<3 <3 <3
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From; good enough to post in its entirety.

Seven myths about the Tamil refugees

By No One Is Illegal-Vancouver

August 20, 2010

Surviving a dangerous three-month ocean journey, 492 Tamil refugees -- including around 60 women and 55 children -- arrived in B.C. after fleeing war and persecution in Sri Lanka. When the ship the MV Sun Sea first neared Esquimault on Vancouver Island, the territories of the Songhees First Nation, it was immediately boarded by the Canadian armed forces, border services, and RCMP.

continued under the cut )
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If you haven't read [ profile] frandroid's post on the devastating flooding in Pakistan, you really should. It's hard to fathom the scale of something like that, so he transposes the disaster to Canada. If I thought that our government had anything resembling a conscience, I'd suggest that he send it as a letter to them in hopes that they would do the decent thing and send aid, but I don't have that sort of optimism.

At least one man who was on board the MV Sun Sea died while the ship was at sea. A few people have been posting about this, but basically a cargo freighter full of Tamil refugees has arrived in Vancouver, and, like I said, our government doesn't have a conscience and the initial response was to clear out some room in a jail.

As you know, Bob, the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka is an issue near and dear to my heart. I can't help but read stories like this and envision my kids on board. What disturbs me the most beyond fear for the immediate survival of those on board is the utter inhumanity with which Canada has greeted them. It's not just our government that has no conscience—it's the people of this country and their "fuck you, I got mine" attitude. The refugees are terrorists. We should close the borders. Throw them in jail. Send them back to their home to face persecution and death.

Where are the protests? Where are the Canadian patriots who pride themselves on our unearned reputation for peace and diplomacy and health care and why aren't they laying out the welcome mat? Other people have made the connection already, but are we all too young and ignorant of history to remember the immigration official in 1945 who, when asked how many Jews would be let into Canada after the war, replied: "None is too many?" Do we remember the St. Louis, or do we just not give a shit about these things, even now?
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I'm in a fantastic mood today, but the news seems to make me want not to be.

I am pretty sure that if I murdered someone, regardless of my good intentions, even if it were a "mercy killing," the Toronto Star would not run a long article describing my virtues in minute detail.* That's a fucking disgusting excuse for journalism.

"Officer Bubbles" arrests a girl for blowing bubbles at the G20 protests. Today, there was a bubble protest in Toronto. Hope it went well and no one got arrested!

Officer Bubbles' Facebook profile under the cut )

Someone sent me a great article on civic participation, so I'll post that under the cut )

Israel's "illegal" children.
State policy forbids migrant workers from having children in the country. If a woman does, she must send her newborn home. If she keeps her baby in Israel, she loses her work visa.

Quote of the day, via China Miéville:
‘To imply that those currently at the top - the Warren Buffets and Roman Abramoviches of this world - are the very best, the nec plus ultra of humanity, is a kind of hate speech toward the species. Dignity demands that we refute it.’

* Richard Seymour, The Meaning of David Cameron

* Okay, unless my victim had a disability.
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I wasted about half my morning posting suggestions to America Speaking Out. Because they'll probably get deleted, here are my suggestions for improving America:

cut for silliness )


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