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renouf the goof tweetApparently my little design got famous enough to be tweeted by local fascist nutjob Greg "the Goof" Renouf!

I would be flattered were it not for three critical errors in his sentence-long tweet:

1) I'm not actually an anarchist, nor am I part of any anarchist group, nor does this design have anything to do with or benefit any anarchist group. I'm not even sure which anarchist group he's talking about. I mean, I like (some) anarchists and I have broad ideological agreements and commonalities with them, but I lived in a cooperative house for too long to actually be an anarchist, as I'm quite fussy about dishes and such.

2) It says right in the product description that the graphic refers to peacefully dealing with fascism through fun sports like baseball.

3) And this is the weirdest one—I am not nor have I ever been a Christian. I mean, this commemorates a battle primarily fought by Jews, albeit with some Christian allies. But while I've been accused of belonging to all sorts of beliefs and causes that I have nothing to do with, I don't think I have ever in my life been mistaken for a Christian.

So that's neat.
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Buy my Christie Pits Hardball League hoodies and t-shirts!

I'll donate any profit to BLMTO and/or Movement Defence Committee. I couldn't set it up as a direct donation, but trust me, I have no desire to profit from these; I just want lots of people to wear them.

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My latest review is up!

In other news, I did birthday festivities this weekend. It involved Ethiopian food and fancy drinks at Shore Leave. Here is a punch bowl that is on fire:


Okay, it's not a lot of fire. But it was still on fire.

The despair about aging lifted a bit in the presence of good friends, a number of whom I hadn't seen in ages. So that was lovely. Also I got incredibly drunk.

Did a bunch of gardening. I now have almost all of my vegetables in. I'm keeping it simple this year: lots of tomatoes, basil, scotch bonnet peppers, and one experimental ghost pepper. Planted marigolds to help the tomatoes along. Going to pick up some pickling cucumbers tomorrow. The kitten frolicking through the periwinkles is Merlin, one of the tinykittens. Both the two remaining tinykittens and their tinycat mom have claimed my backyard as their territory.


Bonus pictures of my cats, taken with my portrait lens.


And I got boots! They are like this but more black than red, so essentially the same finish as the boots they are replacing, except that a) they are Docs, not Fluevogs, and b) they do not have massive holes in them. So that's good, too.

The best thing of all is that it's a long weekend and I can actually catch up on my sleep and such!
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Dear Girl Boxers,

Where have you been all my life?


Holy shit. Why isn't all underwear, save for your fancy lingerie and your tight-fitting undies that you need for tight-fitting clothes, in boxer form? This is a fucking revelation.


Is this why men are so much more chill in general? Because they don't have fabric riding up their asses constantly? I think this might be the case.

Oh Girl Boxers, and in particular, cute Girl Boxers that come in pink and black and have skulls and polka dots on them, how I adore thee and the freedom of movement you bring!


With love,
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Sorry for so much fashionblogging lately* but this amuses me so I'm sharing.

I have bad purse luck. Part of this is owing to the fact that I object to purses being a thing. Men's clothes have pockets in them. Deep pockets! Sometimes pockets that are hidden in waistcoats. You have all heard this rant before, but there is no reason beyond The Patriarchy for women's clothes having a paucity of pockets. I do not like having to haul a purse around, particularly in this day and age when so much stuff is compact and would fit in pockets if my clothes had the correct amount.

Accordingly, when I get a purse, I need to fill it with All the Things to justify its existence. Which means that my purses seldom last long. Also, women's clothing and accessories are manufactured to fall apart quickly so that you buy more of them because Invisible Hand of the Free Market.

So I've been quite happy with my CBC bag that I've had for a few years. It's cute, it's large enough to fit most things, and it's patriotic in an ironic way. The only problem is that it only has a snap to close, making it easy to open when you do not want it to open, and also that it's falling apart. Which has been a tolerable situation for awhile, but as you know, Bob, I'm headed to Morocco basically any second now, and probably having an easily opened purse whilst travelling is not the wisest.

To cut a long story short, it died. Large swatches of fabric around the snaps essentially disintegrated, as if it became cognizant of its own impending obsolescence and just gave up. I was sad.

But! I had a back-up bag, a cute little teal number that matches my hair. Just large enough to accommodate the necessities, though kind of a pain if I'm trying to fit the Little Red Book in there or get something out easily. Ah, it would do for an everyday purse, or so I thought.

Alas, no. The universe tends towards entropy, and one of the buckles on it that are necessary for keeping it closed decided to tear. Which is weird, because there was no actual structural strain on it.

This necessitated buying a new purse.

A little while ago, when I had two non-broken purses, I saw a purse I liked at a shop and thought, "hey, if I didn't have enough purses, I would buy that one." It kind of looked like a book. Cool, but I have limited storage space and am not one of those women who hoards tons of purses.

 photo photo-5_zps6b393731.jpg

So naturally, when mine died, it occurred to me that the shop might still have purses that looked like books. And, lo, it did! Which was when I saw the other side of the thing:

bag that looks like war and peace photo photo-4_zps6b5706af.jpg

Which is why I now own a purse that looks like War and Peace and I crack up every time I see it.

* Kidding. I'm not sorry at all.
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If I were embroiled in a drug scandal, among the things I probably wouldn't be doing is selling bobble-head dolls of myself.

They proved popular, unsurprisingly. If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd sell tiny crack pipes at the demo at City Hall.

In related Honourable Wife-Beater merchandise news, the wonderful and talented Stacey Case is selling #inadrunkenstupor t-shirts. I'd buy one (the money goes to a better cause—fuck the United Way, I'd rather support Stacey) but I think one Rob Ford t-shirt is enough for me.
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My favourite type of fashion rant—POCKETS!—and a nice way to test LJ's repost function and get back to posting things that aren't about tumors—Sabs

Originally posted by [ profile] cucumberseed at What we talk about when we talk about pockets
Originally posted by [ profile] kylecassidy at What we talk about when we talk about pockets
This post is about pockets, feminism, design, autonomy and common sense. Please feel free to repost or link to it if you know people who'd benefit from the discussion.

A few weeks ago [ profile] trillian_stars and I were out somewhere and she asked "Oooh, can I get a cup of coffee?" and I thought "why are you asking me? You don't need permission." But what I discovered was that her clothes had no pockets, so she had no money with her.

Mens clothes have pockets. My swimsuits have pockets. All of them do, and it's not unusual, because, what if you're swimming in the ocean and you find a fist full of pirate booty in the surf? You need somewhere to put it. Men are used to carrying stuff in their pockets, you put money there, you put car keys there. With money and car keys come power and independence. You can buy stuff, you can leave. The idea of some women's clothes not having pockets is baffling, but it's worse than that -- it's patriarchal because it makes the assumption that women will either carry a handbag, or they'll rely on men around them for money and keys and such things. (I noticed this also when Neil & Amanda were figuring out where her stuff had to go because she had no pockets.) Where do women carry tampons? Amanda wondered, In their boyfriend's pockets, Neil concluded.

I then noticed that none of [ profile] trillian_stars' running clothes had pockets. Any pockets. Which is (as they always say on "Parking Wars") ridikulus. Who leaves the house with nothing? (It's not a rhetorical question, I actually can't think of anybody).

We fixed some of this by getting this runners wrist wallet from Poutfits on Etsy -- it holds money, ID, keys ... the sort of stuff you'd need. Plus you can wipe your nose on it. It solves the running-wear problem, but not the bigger problem.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

The bigger problem is that people who design women's fashions are still designing pants and jackets that have no pockets. In fact, this jacket we got last December has ... no pockets. It's not a question of lines or shape, it's a question of autonomy.

Clickenzee to Embiggen

So I'm asking my friends who design women's clothes to consider putting pockets in them, they can be small, they can be out of the way, they can be inside the garment, but space enough to put ID, and cash and bus tokens. And maybe a phone. (And if you can design a surreptitious tampon stash, I'm sure Neil & Amanda & a lot of other people would appreciate it as well.)

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[Roller Derby Portraits]
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I have been a busy [ profile] sabotabby this weekend.

I went to see Tomboyfriend's EP launch on Friday night, which was fabulous. It was also the premiere of [ profile] culpster's video for "Hot Divorcee":

Fitness and Vag Halen opened. Both of them were highly entertaining but I was especially into Vag Halen. As some of you may know, I have a serious weakness for hair metal. It's a guilty pleasure. If the same songs are covered by talented women, it's all the pleasure without the guilt.

I just returned from seeing Hercules, Handel's almost-opera. It was also really amazing. [ profile] minussmile and I had gallery seats for the first act (until we swiped better seats at intermission) so it was all bald spots and vowels. I've never been to Koerner Hall before and the acoustics are spectacular.

In between all of this activity, and school, I have been packing and painting all the things. I am pleased to announce that the first project in Operation Teal has been completed!

Another kind-of-guilty pleasure I have is for shabby chic. I don't like the all-white look (for me—I like it for other people, but I can't imagine living in it), but I like the distressed look with splashes of colour. The rooms in my new place are quite small, which means that my usual decorating method of bold, dark wall colours will not work. Accordingly, my furniture is going to be dramatic instead.

lots of furniture photos under the cut )

Finally, some people have requested a picture of the Black Coat of Swoop, so here I am in full-on winter gear: camwhoreage )

Okay, now off to bed—a bookshelf awaits in my kitchen for tomorrow morning.
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I have located my missing ushanka!

Now I have two. At least I was smart and got the new one in a different colour. And I do think black goes better with the Black Coat of Swoopiness. The other one is from Moscow though, and I am incredibly sentimental about it, and also it is warmer and more comfortable.

This winter has barely called for ushankas at all, not that I'm complaining.
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[ profile] zingerella has a pressing question that you should answer. In the name of SCIENCE.

By "SCIENCE" I actually mean "DAVID BOWIE."
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Things the liberal commentariat tend to be kneejerkingly odd about:

• Police brutality
• School uniforms and discipline

Case in point: This post on BoingBoing. (Disclaimer: BoingBoingers are not uniformly–pardon the expression—progressive, nor is their commentariat that easily lumped together politically. However, I have noticed a trend towards mostly liberal with a large libertarian streak.) The very same group that was frothing at the mouth in opposition to TSA security policies*—and rightly so; it is entirely correct to call groping and pornoscanners "fascist"—appears to be, for the most part, generating increasingly bizarre justifications of authoritarianism in the schools.

I may be biased in this regard, as I went to a non-uniformed school where we weren't savagely beaten, and I somehow managed to emerge from this experience a civilized individual. But I also now teach in a school where the children display far less fashion acumen than we ever did, and they still manage, for the most part, to not riot. There is also a far greater wealth disparity than in the school that I attended, and yet when kids report bullying, the incidents never seem to have anything to do with clothing issues.

Not to single out BoingBoingers, or even liberals or libertarians, on their hypocrisy—socialists are just as bad, if not worse, with stranger justifications for why it is important to beat out any stirrings of individuality amongst today's youth.

Mismatched socks. Honestly. I can think of a million threats to the public education; socks do not even register.

* There is, of course, a strong element of classism and racism at work here. The TSA is staffed largely by underpaid, racialized individuals. School administrators and cops tend to be a whiter, more middle class bunch, and the worst abuses of power are acted out on the bodies of poorer, racialized children. So it's acceptable. Or something.
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Purses and earbuds. I find myself having to replace both this week.

My current purse has lasted nearly three years and was $25, making it the cheapest and hardiest purse I have ever owned. But the clasp broke in a way that is not obviously fixable. (I e-mailed the company just in case it is.) I've had my eye on another messenger bag for some time, so it's not the worst thing in the world, but it's irritating to have to replace purses so regularly. (And as I may have mentioned before, I'm ridiculously specific about purses, as the vast majority of them are not designed to be large enough to fit a book, waterproof, and not some sort of silly fashionable shape.)

Then my latest pair of earbuds went today. This was not such a tragedy, as they had the worst sound ever and were uncomfortable to boot, and I was itching to replace them. I am lost without my constant soundtrack, though. I dropped into a computer store and bought $5 ones so that I could get to work and back without having to hear people have loud, stupid conversations on their cellphones. These new earbuds sound much better but don't actually stay inside my ears. I've yet to find earbuds that are comfortable, durable, and perform the not-all-that complex task of transmitting music from the Ministry of Culture to my ears.

I know all about planned obsolescence and late-stage capitalism but really, this is downright inconvenient. Is it so hard to make things that don't suck?
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I like military chic, problematic or no. It tends to look pretty good on me, too. So I am pleased to discover that it is apparently in this season (yes, I am a massive dork whose understanding of what's in apparently comes from the Globe and Mail).

I was even with the author for the first two points. I wear cargo pants a lot, but typically not to work. And camo is ugly in most contexts—you ought to dress like an officer and a gentlewoman.

But the last point? Augh.

The very best thing about military chic is the footwear. Actual boots or chunky shoes. Not stupid boots that have military-inspired styling but then they throw a heel on there to make it look femme. Why would you do that to perfectly good boots?

Look, if there is one part of your wardrobe that should nearly always be utilitarian, whether it's at home or at work or on the dance floor, it is your footwear. An older Quaker peace activist once told me the very best advice she was ever given by an even older Quaker peace activist. It was this: Wear comfortable footwear. This is entirely correct. Whenever you see a 70-year-old Raging Granny still fighting the man, you can bet she's probably never worn heels for anything that wasn't a job interview. Likewise, do you see any sort of soldier, male or female, running around and oppressing people in stilettos? No you do not.

You can best wage war, or end it, or just get through your day without crippling pain, wearing practical shoes. No one would dare suggest otherwise to 49% of the population.

Boots rule. I rest my case.
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Dear ladies and gentlemen of a fashionable mindset,

If a gentleman is wearing black sneakers while having a stroll about town, what is the appropriate colour of sock with which to pair said sneakers?

I do not know the answer to this, being neither a gentleman nor the sort to wear sneakers.


Jul. 29th, 2010 07:09 am
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Swiped from [ profile] secretsoflife.

For the love of all that is unholy, make women's t-shirts available at geek events. I'll add that this goes double for political events, which despite claims to inclusiveness, still suck in this regard (I'm glaring at you, labour unions and your XXL men's t-shirts).

I used to have a whole bunch of t-shirts that I bought because I liked what was on the t-shirt, but the shirts looked like tents on me. I scrapped all but a few, which I wear as nightshirts, because life is too short to own clothes that don't fit.


Mar. 27th, 2010 03:21 pm
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Vajazzling: What happens when The Patriarchy and The Capitalist Oppressors snort coke together, or the logical result of a generation of girls who grew up playing with My Little Ponies?


Mar. 27th, 2010 03:21 pm
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Vajazzling: What happens when The Patriarchy and The Capitalist Oppressors snort coke together, or the logical result of a generation of girls who grew up playing with My Little Ponies?


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